Friday, February 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today was my Mom’s birthday (and yes, I am writing this post at 11pm). She is a whopping 59 years old! So hop on over to her blog and give her some belated birthday love!

This is us having tea in a castle in England this past summer!210901_275044882517488_100000359361380_943622_911536785_o

Being at my parent’s house, finds me not as inspired to create things, since what home d├ęcor I make I will leave behind… or for the fact that I don’t have MY printer, or all MY paper. But things will turn around, I might just be in that post holiday slump. I have my nephews a lot, and I love the time I get to spend with them, but little ones take up your time! One is 2 years old, and the other 6 months old!

With that being said, I have decided that my dream job would be to work for a craft company. Whether it is a store, paper company, or any sort of crafting anything. Then comes in Hawaii this summer, so I will have to wait a few more years for that dream I think. For those of you from Hawaii or have lived there, any recommendations on craft stores on Oahu?

Now onto what I have been up to. I have been living at the gym it feels like. Everyone there seems to know who I am. All the employees know that I am the girl that is trying to lose enough weight to go to Fiji (and to live in Hawaii). Oh yeah, Fiji, its my weight loss bet with my husband. To take me on a trip to Fiji if I can reach my weight loss goal before he gets back. I do have the worlds greatest husband. Today was weigh in day. We took my measurements a month ago and again today. So what were the results?

I am down almost 4% in body fat… which means I bumped myself from being in the overweight category, to the healthy range!! I am still on the high side, but I am working on bringing that much further down. I can still lose 10% more and be healthy… I should work towards that! In the process of losing body fat, I also gained 5lbs lean muscle mass. Which is a good thing my trainer said.

My waist is an inch smaller, my hips and inch and a half, my bust an inch, and my thigh, is bigger! More muscle, again, my trainer said it was a good thing. Next step, healthy diet and drink more water!

These results make me feel good. Like I am actually making progress! I just have to stick with it. I am going to start taking Tai Chi with my mom next week, and I do Zumba once or twice a week. Throw in some running, and weight training, and lifting a baby all day… well that is what I got going on in a nutshell. Don’t be confused with a turtle shell. I am not a ninja turtle, but that would be pretty cool if I was…

I want you to all know that this in NOT my New Years Resolution. This is my life resolution. I want to be more fit for me. I want to be in good shape when we decide to start a family. I want to be healthy, happy, and have more energy. This is a me project. I know I can’t fix it a short amount of time. I know that it takes time, energy, determination, and dedication. But I AM going to do it!

Anyone else working on a me project? Weight loss, crafting, home projects?  I think I might scrapbook my progress. Now there we go, I have a project! Something I want to do. Ah, crafting rut no more. Ok, it was only a week long or so rut, not too bad! Sounds like I just made some plans for Saturday.

Oh, and I took up crocheting, but more on that later.