Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Fully Finished Baby Quilt

Nope, I haven’t quilted my Texas Teardrops quilt yet. I am still a bit nervous, and I am working on making my quilting space big enough and organized to do so. Plus we got our new dining room table to other day, so I had to put those projects on hold since I am no longer allowed to quilt/sew at the dining room table.

But my cousin, and best fried is due any day now. Her due date isn’t until August 23, but her belly is huge, and so is that baby. So for her sake, I hope she has it sooner than later! So I finished the baby quilt I was making for her. We picked out the fabric together when she told me she was pregnant, and then she loved what I used on the Texas Teardrops Quilt so I used my leftover fabric in it as well. Luckily they went great together.

Here is the final quilt that I am working on getting in the mail ASAP!



I kept it super simple because A – this is my first official finish. Not the first one I ever made, and B – She is waiting to find out what she is having, but teal is her favorite color… and well, green is mine! Which is why we are perfect because our favorite colors go together, and well, we are blood related, and the closest thing to a real sister I could get.

As a kid I always bragged about being two week older than her, but I know for the rest of my life she is now going to brag that she is two weeks younger! Growing up 5 miles apart from each other, but still going to school in two completely different school districts. Some people say we look alike, but she is blonde hair blue eyes, and I am brown hair green eyes. You tell me? Can you tell we are related and that our mom’s are sisters?


I’m the bunny, she is cookie monster. My brother Ian is the army guy.





At my wedding. My hair color changed over the years, but I am now back to my brunette.


And this is from her wedding.

Anyways, I hope you are all doing good, and well wishes to her on her first child that is coming any time soon! I have a lot going on here and soon and I will be back sewing once I get my room all put together.

Oh and one more of the baby quilt.