Thursday, April 25, 2013

Amy Tangerine Workshop!

I was lucky enough to get into the Amy Tangerine workshop at one of the Ben Franklin craft stores here in a Hawaii a couple weeks ago.

I will admit this was my very first workshop I have ever attended. I am so glad I went! We used her new line Yes Please to make a Happy Journal.

I wish I could say I finished the journal, but I have been super busy lately, and haven’t even had a chance to print off pictures to put in it. But I did get to meet Amy Tan!!


How cute his her baby bump! I got the front of my journal done! (and learned some new techniques!)


I also got Amy to sign my copy of her magazine that I actually won from Northridge publishing when it came out!



Oh I was so excited! I have never met a crafting “celebrity” before. I also met some new scrapbooking friends, which was so nice since most of my friends do no understand my obsession with paper. I hope I get to see them again! I really need to finish this journal soon too! I have hopes in the next upcoming weeks to do so. I just need to get settled a little more, and hope I can share with you the finished project very soon!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Last Art Glitter Design Team Post!

So today is my last post being on the Art Glitter Design Team. In no means does that mean I will stop using glitter, because it is a part of my life. Today I wanted to share a story on why glitter is so important to me, you will see that after my quick little post.


Just a quick overview. I used the double glitter technique. I have also used this Dreamweavers stencil before too! To learn how to do this technique, check out THIS post. The only thing I changed was the colors of Art Glitter. Here are some pictures of the process.


I of course peeled it off of the stencil and added another color glitter over the top to get the final look! I then adhered it to a card!


Art Glitter Used:

#361 Cat Eyes Ultrafine Opaque, #355 Sunrise Ultrafine Opaque, #525 Brocade Microfine Opaque, #30 Royale Ultrafine Opaque, #282 Night Vision Ultrafine Opaque, #71 White Gold Ultrafine Opaque

Dreamweaver Stencil, LJ 849 Bare trees

Art Glitter Small Sticky Paper

Be sure to stop by the Art Glitter Blog to check out some party lights I made!

Now onto my glitter obsession background story:

Back in college, 2005 to be exact, it was my Senior Year. Winter was about start, and we had all got back from Thanksgiving break. Finals were coming up and we were all excited about where the new year was going to take us.

I was in a sorority, and there was about 60 of us in the house, and we were all super close. One day in particular plays over and over in my head.

One night, one of our sisters passed away in a hit and run car accident. She was walking. I want to spare any details about the situation, but it is a day I will never forget, it was just so very sad.

I had so many great memories with her. I had recently taken her back to Minnesota to catch the train over Thanksgiving break to visit her sister. She was such an amazing woman. She was beautiful and had the kindest heart. She was smart, part of a loving family, and always giving back to the community.

I will never forget walking outside later that day, because it was the first snow of the season. As a sorority girl, we used glitter in everything we could. Something magical was happening though. The snow looked like glitter, and at that second, we all knew that out dear friend was in Heaven, sprinkling glitter down on all of us. It was very moving. To this day every time I see glitter snow, I know she is there looking down on me. And glitter is so near and dear to my heart because of it.

I want to thank everyone at Art Glitter for this amazing opportunity to be on their design team. I will not be returning this year, since we just moved, and we really want to get settled in Hawaii (and enjoy our pool in our back yard). I will not stop using glitter. I will be experimenting with some new hobbies, and I hope you all continue to take this crafting journey with me! I look forward to seeing what the new design team will be sharing with us!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Quilt Along Update

So I am actually on track with the Texas Teardrop quilt along, and I am super excited about it! I thought I would share some pictures of my progress!


Here I am tracing out my applique onto the iron on things. Yep. That is the words I am going to use.


Close up!


My fabric choices. Except that I ended up taking out two of the pieces.


Cutting out the teardrops!



Teardrops cut!


All of the pieces are cut out!! I can’t believe I have even made it this far!! I have to cut out the white squares that they with be appliqued to, and pick out the color of thread to use! I have a few options, If you could comment on your suggestion let me know what you would pick!

  1. Navy
  2. Teal
  3. Gray
  4. Lime
  5. White

Now I can work on getting my house together before we learn more about the next step!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Glittery Nails

My post is not up at normal time this week because of one big thing… WE MOVED! Finally and I have been super busy getting the house together. Technically it a little after 8am here in Hawaii. So not too bad!

Now on to my project! I thought I would show you the simple method on how to glitter your nails. I don’t have long gorgeous thick nails, so please bare with the pictures.


Products used:

Art Glitter #525 Brocade in Microfine Opaque

Clear Nail Polish, I prefer a kind that is super glossy.

Small Paintbrush


I started by painting a thin layer of polish on to the nail. Then dunked my nail into the pot of Art glitter. I let it dry completely. Dusted off the excess glitter with the paintbrush and then put another coat of nail polish on top!


VoilĂ ! Super glittery glossy nails!

Now be sure to stop by the Art Glitter Blog, for another fun sparkly project!

and to keep unpacking boxes!