Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cleaning, Organizing, and a Thirty One Party!

So in the midst of all the cleaning I have going on at my house, I decided to have a Thirty One Party! And its TONIGHT! My living room might looks bare, but it should be a fun time!

In case you have never heard about Thirty One, I will give you a little run down, and if you are interested, you can even order through my party (since you can get it delivered to your door!)

The name Thirty-One comes from the verses of Proverbs 31. Our stylish, affordable products are exclusive to Thirty-One. From our signature purses and totes to storage solutions that help organize your life, you'll find something to fit every personality and situation. Each season, we develop new products built on the idea that our products must be functional AND fashionable (and, of course, make great gifts!). The catalog is on the website. This stuff is great, and I will be getting some thing to help organize my craft stuff!

If you want to check out the website, go to:


If you would like to place in order, go to the website above and click on the right where it says MY EVENTS, then you will see Cherie’s Party (that’s me!)

This month, the deal is for every $31 you spend, you get 50% off a celebration card set, zipper pouch, or select wallets. You can view the deal here, http://www.thirtyonegifts.com/specials-updates/docs/this-month-customer.pdf

Ok, so that is what I have going on tonight. But I thought I would share with you my new Cricut Storage Art bins!




As you can see, I only have room for 3 more cartridges, before I need another one!! Funny story is, I just won another… thanks to The Buzy Bug, and I bought 2 more on HSN… I couldn’t pass it up. There were a few Cricut Cake cartridges priced at 17.00 each! Free shipping too! So it only cost me $35!! I mainly got them for the font. I love fonts. Provo Crafts, if you are reading this, I want the GREEK ALPHABET! I could really use a nice SIGMA!

I am not allowed to buy anything more until I get to Minnesota. And then I will get to see what stuff my mom has!!

OK, back to cleaning. I just can’t help it. I love blogging. It is so hard to stay away! Have a great day!


Monday, September 26, 2011

My Memories Winner!

For My Memories Giveaway,

I used random.org, and here is what it came up with!



Congrats MARY!!!

Mary said...

It's hard to pick just one! But, I love the "Boys Toys" pack... You know where to find me (though, I'm doubting the random number generator won't pick comment one ;))

Mary, I will email you with the details on how to get your copy of My Memories Suite! And YES – It really did, pick #1!

Thanks to everyone that entered! If you would like to purchase My Memories Suite. Be sure to visit My Memories Website

Don’t forget…

As a special for all of my readers, they gave me a code that provides a $10 discount off the purchase of the My Memories Suite Scrapbook software and a $10 coupon for the MyMemories.com store - $20 value!

Use this code to get the discount:


I hope you have a great day, off I go to pack some more! I stayed up all night to see all the stuff about the Cricut E2 on HSN, so I am exhausted today!


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Tomato Battle Recap

For my My Memories Giveaway enter HERE, I will be drawing a winner tomorrow!

tomato battle

(yes this a picture from the website, since the watermark)

This is what I attended yesterday, Tomato Battle Seattle. Unfortunately we found the photographer after we rinsed off, and after I took of my shirt I had on over this and threw it away! I can only Not to make you look at my “ladies” but my sports bra was white… and now it is pink. No worries, I threw this ENTIRE outfit in the trash when I got home, shoes included.

We had a blast! But, the smell was terrible! Here is a glimpse of the tomatoes before the battle.


I felt like I was in college again. I even changed in a parking lot! But before we did that we asked a kind gentleman waiting in a really long line for something by our parking lot to take a picture with my phone.


This pic, makes me look giant compared to my friend! But my hair is the grossest part! I could not wait to get home to shower!!

When I woke up this morning, I found a big surprise! Well, since we were in a battle, I am sure to have a battle wound… yes I do, and ON MY FACE!! I got hit my a tomato, and it left a mark.


Needless to say, I had a GREAT time! Today, I am exhausted. I am supposed to be cleaning packing, but I decided to make homemade caramels. I am putting together a care package for one of our really good friends who is deployed right now. I call him my second husband. So far, he is getting cookies and caramels… I might make banana bread tomorrow for him too, but there is NO WAY I am going to town today… it is Oyster Run, which means there are a TON of motorcycles in town!

Hope your weekend was fun!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Update! and Giveaway Reminder

Be sure to enter the giveaway I have going on, click HERE, you have till Monday to enter.

I am have been super busy this week. I am in the midst of packing up my house. Yes, I have been scrapbooking too. It is for someone else, so I am not going to be posting pictures of it… sorry. But I might find some things to share as I do pack up the house.

jack halloween 2010

I thought I would share a picture of my nephew though from last year from Halloween. I wonder what he will be this year!

So, I did get some new things in the mail yesterday!! I ordered to Cricut Storage Art bins! So far I LOVE them. I wish there was a little bit more room for some of the handbooks, but it works out. Some of those older handbooks are SUPER thick! I am thinking of ripping out all the instructions in 1000 different languages to make them smaller. (Does anyone else do this?)

Oh, and the weather here in Seattle is gorgeous!! I am heading down there today to be part of the Tomato Battle. It sounds like so much fun!! I mean how many people can say that they have been in a tomato fight!! I don’t know how many pictures I will be taking… since I am not bringing out my good camera for ANY of this crazy mess. But maybe I will be able to get one on my phone! So I might make a post that is just a picture, if I can remember.

Hope you all enjoy your weekend. I was so bummed yesterday because I was 1 in 11 to win the EZ View Desk from Scrapbox, but I didn’t win, but I did win a ScrapMaBob… one day I will own one of those desks or storage units. They are so cool, and would be perfect for me since I move ALL THE TIME!

Thank you to all of the people I have won things from over the past couple months. I have been so bad about thanking you all. So THANK YOU!! I am loving playing with all my new things!

Time to get ready for today!


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Memories Review & A Giveaway!

my memories

I was given the opportunity to try out scrapbooking software from My Memories. I am not much of a digital scrapbooker, but I am fairly technologically savvy, and thought I would try my hand out as it. I tried out the My Memories Suite.

Turns out, it was a lot easier than I thought. One of my favorite paper lines was Black Tie Event. I made a digital layout from our cruise to Alaska last year, here is how it turned out.

My Book-001

The coolest thing about this software is that you can create many different things, videos with narration (totally cool huh!), cupcake toppers, whatever you could possibly want to create. I also created something that I would like to print out and mount on something, or maybe I will just frame it.


These are some of my best friends from college, that live in Minnesota. I was also able to edit the photo with this software!! Which is something that I LOVE to do. I used Sepia, and then darkened it a little bit. I think it turned out adorable!

I am still playing with this and will be making a video for my husband soon! I might share part of it with you guys if you are interested.

Now for a the Giveaway!

Would you like to win a copy of this awesome software for yourself? To be entered to win, please visit My Memories, and come back and comment on this post of what your favorite digital scrapbook pack or layout is! It’s as easy as that! Make sure you leave a way for me to contact you as well!

For extra entries (please leave a separate comment for each thing you do)

- Follow My Memories Blog

- Follow My Memories on Facebook

- Follow My Memories on Twitter

As a special for all of my readers, they gave me a code that provides a $10 discount off the purchase of the My Memories Suite Scrapbook software and a $10 coupon for the MyMemories.com store - $20 value!

Use this code to get the discount:


I hope you all enjoyed my post today. I will use random.org to pick a winner on Monday, September 26th. Good Luck!


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Blog Hop Winner Announced!

Thank you all for your sweet comments! I am feeling much better, so much better than I have been off meds for two days, and my body is ALMOST back together! Thank you for all your thoughts!

I have picked a winner through Random.org


Now who is lucky number 22??


from http://scrappin-happens.blogspot.com/

Congrats Alisha! I will be sending you an email to get your address so I can send you your goodies!

Thanks for everyone that joined in. I had a super fun time, and I appreciate you all! I will have another giveaway next week so stay tuned! Happy crafting, I love reading all of your blogs and seeing you amazing projects!


Monday, September 12, 2011

Giveaway Update & What I Made For Dinner

I will draw a winner tomorrow for the Teddy Bear Blog Hop. If you would like to enter be sure to go HERE and comment to be eligible to win!

Now on to dinner. Yesterday my husband had a craving. When my husband has a craving I usually spend several hours in the kitchen making a new recipe using new techniques and ingredients. His craving… Tatertots.

He search the internet and found some grown up tatertot recipes that I just couldn’t turn down. We ended up making…. wait for it…

Bacon and Brie Tatertots

and they were AWESOME! You can find the recipe HERE.


I did not have a 1oz ring mold, and I could not find one, probably because I live in the middle of no where, but I did find a small biscuit cutter that I ended up using so they are slightly on the big side but amazing!


In the middle of these bad boys are a ball of bacon and brie! They were awesome. I ended up tripling the recipe, and we made about 25 big tatertots.

I know that this is not crafty, but sometimes I enjoy my time in the kitchen. I also want to thank everyone for you kind words on me getting better! My back is doing  pretty good right now. I haven’t had to take any pain meds yet today, so I would say we are on a roll.

My friend Ann from Annabellebumps is coming to visit this weekend, so I am super excited to see her! We go way back, yes way back to me is High School. I remember we were such dorks back then (ok and still are). We spent our weekends sewing, baking, and making things, where everyone else was out, well, I am not sure what they were doing… ah to be young an innocent again.

Well, I hope you have a fabulous day!


Friday, September 9, 2011

Teddy Bear Blog Hop

Today is National Teddy Bear Day! I am so excited to participate in Jen’s Craft Corner Teddy Bear Blog Hop this weekend! Growing up as a kid my nickname was Bear… Yup, Cher Bear (and only a few people still call me that). If you would like to read more about National Teddy Bear Day please visit this link.

If you have come here from Candace’s Blog, My Passion for Scrappin, you are in the right spot! If you want to start from the beginning, please visit Jen’s blog!

Anyways, I created a scrapbook page today about my NEW Nephew born on July 31st! Sorry this picture is so blurry, I strained my back yesterday and was not able to get the BEST picture of it since I am taking a bunch of meds right now… its even hard to walk, I didn’t think that could happen to a 20 something! Looks like I will be working on my core muscles soon! Ok, Back to the good stuff!


For this layout I used the Dear Lizzy collection from American Crafts. I bought a kit a couple months ago, and most of the stuff was girly, but I am so excited that I could turn it into a boy layout! I love the teddy bear that I cut on my Cricut from the Create-A-Critter Cartridge.


And, what is a blog hop without some CANDY!!


Here are a bunch of little goodies that one of you will win!! If you would like to be entered to win, please leave a comment below. If you would like to follow me, that would be wonderful, but not required. If you let me know you follow(ed) me, I will be sure to come over and make sure I am a follower of you as well! I will draw a winner on Tuesday, September 13th! So be sure to come back and see if you are the winner!

Now please visit http://www.theshumberas.blogspot.com to continue on the hop!

Here is the list of blogs participating in the blog hop incase you get lost! There are 19 wonderful blogs!
http://oneheartscrapper.blogspot.com/ (that’s me!)

I hope you all enjoyed my project and hope you have a wonderful weekend!! Happy hopping!


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Crafting with the Stars

I have been working on a home project that I think would be a perfect entry into Crafting with the Stars @ Sew Dang Cute Crafts. I know there are a ton of entries, but I guess it never hurts to try right? So here is my project that I finished today.

Home is Where the Navy Sends Us.


There many versions of this sign on the internet and at local craft shows, but I had my own style and taste that I wanted to put into it, and I haven’t seen one like this before, so this is the final product minus where we will be going next!


I used a nice hard wood that I sanded down and then applied wood stain to. After that dried I cut out a stencil on my Cricut with vinyl and attempted to paint the letters. The letters only stayed in white, so I scratched that plan. I then got some colored vinyl in the colored I wanted and cut out the words. This worked perfectly. After everything was laid out, I applied a thick super glaze epoxy over the top, since I wanted it to be super shiny! I screwed in the eye hooks and ta-da!

Customized Home Made Sign!


I hope you all enjoyed my project!


Peace. Love. Dove.

Oh Mom!

I love my mom, and I miss her so much! I get to see her soon though, and I can’t wait! Here is a layout that I made using SEI paper, Martha Stewart Glitter, and a couple cuts from my Cricut (Winter Woodlands (font), and Tie The Knot?). I made it a few months back and realized I never posted it!


Many people say we look alike, but I don’t know. My hair is darker now (which is more my original color anyways). And this picture is from 2006… A few years ago! Crazy how time flies. Like time is flying by right now!!

Hope your day is amazing!


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Home is Where…

The Navy sends us!

I made this layout using a die cut set that I found online. I am going to keep adding metallic jewels based on where we go… I did realize I put Hawaii upside down, and I only know that since I have recently looked at a map! (I might have to try and fix that!)


Coast to Coast! I used a Martha Stewart Punch for the around edges.

Have a fabulous day!!


Friday, September 2, 2011

Camp Adventure Title Page

I thought I would share one of my favorite title pages. I made this LONG before I ever owned a Cricut. It is using Doodlebug Design Paper (my favorite sheet)!


I think this entire page describes my summer in Italy! I started this in album un 2006, and it is still a work in progress! It was right as digital cameras came out and the memory sticks were only 128kb… remember those day!! Now my SD cards are 8MB! So I bought disposable cameras, and brought the good old film one… Oh I am so glad photography has changed!!

Well I hope you all have an AMAZING Labor Day weekend! Looks like we might get to go camping!! So I am super excited!!


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Doodlebug Design DT Call Entry

Well, I still trying to make my goal of getting on a Design Team this year, even though I know several Design Team entries have come and gone, and my month long trip to Europe did not help. But I entered into the Doodlebug DT and I thought I would share with you what I created.

I read about this Design Team call THE DAY it was due. So I trapped myself in my craft room until I finished. Luckily I have a VERY supportive husband and only a dog to attend to so time is what I have! Below are all the projects I created.

Here is my home décor.



I wanted to play with hole punches on this one, and I LOVE contrast, so I think it turned out nicely. This is on a 8 x 10 canvas.

Next were two cards.





The first one is my favorite! (and I love the polka dot paper!!) I love the paper so much that I have a few other sheets of it… and it is the title page to my trip to Europe… the first time around. I will have to show you all sometime my oldest scrapbook. My style has changed a little bit, but it was long before I had any techniques!

The last thing was a scrapbook page, and I LOVE how this one turned out! It is of my puppy Lucie.



I kept it simple, but I LOVE the colors. I have always wanted to use a block style technique and I am super happy how it came together. I wish I had more of their embellishments. I know I could do so much, but I only had paper packs, and I wanted to makes sure I used their paper!

I will be keeping my fingers on getting onto the design team. If you can keep your fingers crossed for me too that would be awesome!!

Be sure to visit their new blog, and follow them on Facebook too! They have some awesome products and I would love to create things for them with it!

Have a wonderful day!