Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Glitter Christmas!

Of course, I get to do the honors of having a glitter post on Christmas. And what would be more appropriate too!

Today I have a simple way to decorate for the holidays (and even before and after the holidays). I made some decorative solar candles!


Products Used:

Art Glitter – #280 Lime Rind Ultrafine Opaque, #175 Retro Red Ultrafine Pearlescent, #335 Sun Ray Chunky Opaque Hologram

Double sided tape

Solar Candles

Razor blade or box cutter

Paintbrush (used to dust off excess glitter)


I started with my plain candles, that I picked up the hardware store by all the holiday decorations. They came with stakes so if you wanted you could even put them outside.


I started with the double sided tape and made patterns on each of the tree candles.


Then I peeled back one piece of tape, and sprinkled on the desired glitter color.


And I continued to do so, until all of the double sided tape was covered. On some of the patterns, you may need to cut some of the tape. Such as the crossing over style I made. At every intersection, I had to cut the tape so that I could pull the tape off. It took longer, but looked super neat. Here are the completed candles.




I hope you enjoyed this simple glitter project. Be sure to stop over at the Art Glitter Blog to see another creation I made using other festive holiday colors!

Have a very Merry Christmas, and I hope Santa was good to you! He spoiled me rotten this year (I got an iPad!). Let’s hope next year I have a house of my own to decorate!




Thursday, December 20, 2012

Time for a Winner!

I hope you are all having a very nice holiday season. Last minute I decided to come home to Minnesota! My mom, who you can find blogging over at Northwoods Sneaker, had surgery, and it didn’t go quite as planned. She is fine, just that they couldn’t complete the FULL surgery and will have to go back once some parts of her body are completely healed. So she will be out a little longer than planned.

I know she wanted me home, so I left paradise (It was 80 degrees when I left), and was welcomed with some nice 20 degree Minnesota weather.

Now what you have been waiting for…. I am going to pick my winner of my Winter Giveaway. Lucky for the entrants, there were only 11 entries! So the odds of winning are pretty good.

I used random.org to pick my winner and the winner is….


And that is…


Congrats Martha!! And thanks for helping me reach my goal! And being a new follower!

Martha blogs over at http://weekenddoings.blogspot.com/, I am sure she will be excited about the fabric!

I will be contacting you, so check for my email!

I want to thank everyone for entering to win, and being a supportive blog community. I am hoping to have more giveaways in the future, and a ton more projects once I am settled in Hawaii!

Stay warm, and keep crafting!


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

More to Giveaway! Made it to 200!

I made it to 200 followers!! I am so excited!

Since I have been SUPER interested in quilting these past few months, as promised, I am going to add some fabric to the giveaway!

I visited the local fabric store. The majority of the store is Hawaiian prints. Pretty much every color you could think of, and combination. I could be in there for hours. Last time I was there, I spotted an awesome pattern that I am going to use for one of my first quilts. But I wanted to share with you what I picked up for one of you to win!


I got a half yard of each of these lovely fabrics. If you want to be entered to win please be sure to go to THIS POST, and comment. I will add these fabrics to the box of craftiness!

Here are close ups of each of the prints .



Good Luck! And Be sure to go to THIS POST to enter and see what else is up for grabs!


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Glitter Ornaments in Review

Hey crafty friends!

With Christmas right around the corner, I wanted to share with you my Art Glitter ornament wreath. But to see the ENTIRE thing, you will have to stop by the Art Glitter Blog to see it, and see how I made it!

But here is a little sneak peak.


Now for what I wanted to share with you today, some of the different types of Art Glitter in the glittered ornaments! What I am going to do is list the glitter, and show what it looks like in the bulb!

So let’s start with the classic.

Ultrafine Opaque

shown in Shiney Si


Vintage Glass Glitter

shown in #603 Shamrock



shown in #D12 Surf’s Up


Chunky Hologram Opaque

shown in #335 Sun Ray


Ultrafine Transparent

shown in #312 Fresh Green


Microfine Opaque

shown in #525 Brocade


Neon Opaque

shown in #221 Punk Pink


Ultrafine Hologram

shown in #128 Quark


Ultrafine Pearlescent

shown in #175 Retro Red


Hope you enjoyed the comparisons!! I really fell in love with how the Dazzlers turned out! I might be make some more of those for my tree! Be sure to stop by the Art Glitter Blog to see the wreath I made, and to see the technique to make these beauties!


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Winter Giveaway!

Well it sure feels far from winter here… it is hot, humid, and muggy in Hawaii right now, and I am getting over a nasty cold. I didn’t think you could get a cold out here, since it is never cold, but you can!

Without further ado, I am going to have a giveaway!!

Here is a picture what is up for grabs!


All this will go to ONE lucky winner! I am doing this from the goodness of my heart, and this is in no way sponsored by any companies.

Some things in the giveaway is 6x6 paper pack, twine, stamps, glitter, yarn, washi tape, dies, and more!

I did a little shopping and picked out some fun things to giveaway! If I reach 200 followers, I am going to add some fun Hawaii fabric! I saw some super cute fabric at the shop the other day, and I need to go back to get it! I am only a few away from 200, so I know I can do it!

Here is what you need to do to enter:

1. I like to keep it simple, so leave a comment about what your favorite thing to do is in the winter. I prefer that you would be a follower, but I will not make you. But please leave a way for me to get a hold of you in case you win!

2. For an EXTRA entry, share this giveaway. However you want. Facebook it, Tweet it, post it on your blog, sidebar, email the link to a friend, whatever you want. Just leave a separate comment on how you shared it. (each way you share is an extra entry, and extra comment).

3. I will use random.org to pick a winner.

I will draw winner on Thursday, December 20th. So you have until then to enter.

Good Luck. And Keep crafting!!


Saturday, December 1, 2012

Happy December!

Today is the first of December! I know this month will be a little crazy.

First off, we are out of our hotel room, but still waiting for a house. In the mean time we are staying with a friend of a friend who has extra space it his house. We are so thankful for our friends who help us out when we need it the most.

Second, since we don’t have our stuff, decorating, it a little slacking, Everything I make is set aside to be hung up next year.

Third, and the most exciting, I am going to do a giveaway!! More details next week!

So stay tuned!


and get your crafting on!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Welcome Home Banner

Welcome Home, or should I say Together Again!

My best friend’s husband is home! I am so excited for her, and very excited to see him too.

My friend wanted to make a welcome home banner that read, “Together Again.” Of course it had to have glitter on it (she loves it as much as I do).


Products used:

Art Glitter #60 Sahara Ultrafine Opaque, Designer Dries Clear Adhesive, Paper (we used a white paper with raised dots on it, and a solid white paper), Cricut Cartridge Opposites Attract, Ribbon, paintbrush, and a tape runner.

I started by cutting out the banners in the Cricut Craftroom on my E2. We cut the letter from Opposites Attract as well.

Designer Dries Clear Adhesive was brushed onto the letters and coated them with glitter.


When it all dried we adhered the letters onto the banner, strung it, and hung it!


I hope you enjoyed my festive banner! I can’t wait until next month… Christmas! Which is the best glitter holiday around! Be sure to stop over at the Art Glitter Blog today to see another project that I made!


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

And Yes We Will Glitter It!

Happy Glitter Tuesday!

Today I have a simple and fun way to add glitter to almost any project! Today I made a simple craft box with stickers and added some sparkle to it all.


The project would make a perfect party favor, or to put a small trinket to give a friend in, and of course you can switch it up for almost ANY occasion.

Products Used:

Art Glitter: #335 Sunray Chunky Opaque Hologram, #85 Crystal Ultrafine Transparent, #364 Dreams Ultrafine Transparent, #92 Bananan Ultrafine Transparent, #94 Key Lime Ultrafine Transparent, #291 Fire Engine Ultrafine Opaque, #282 Nite Vision Ultrafine Opaque, #60 Sahara Ultrafine Opaque, Designer Dries Clear Adhesive, Metal Ultrafine Tips

Tombow: Fastener Tabs (Hook and Loop)

Other: Craft Box, Stickers

I started by assembling a small craft box.


I then added stickers all around it to spice it up! I chose these stickers since I am in Hawaii now and have been traveling the island since I got here. One day, I may not feel like a tourist anymore.


I then added a fastener. The best thing about these Tom Bow fasteners is that you can reuse this box over and over again. I have another project to share later this month on the Art Glitter Blog where I use several more. This was perfect for this spot though. I hate when boxes no longer stay shut after using them and the lid pops back off again. This fastener will be sure to keep this box shut!


I then grabbed my glitter and went to town. Using Designer Dries Clear Adhesive and the ultrafine metal tips, I glittered the stickers. I started with one side, and then finished with the other once it was dry.


For this side I used, Dreams, Sahara, Key Lime, Crystal, and Sun Ray.


On the other side I used Bananan, Fire Engine, Key Lime, and Nite Vision.


Once it was all dry I assembled to box back together and got one perfect little package!


Be sure to stop over at the Art Glitter Blog to see another project I made. It is super cute and I can’t wait for you to see it!


Monday, November 5, 2012

My 1st Crochet Project

I have finally finished my first crochet project!!

I actually have been working on it for a couple months, ok, since May, but in total it did not take too long. I just had some really long breaks.

I made this for a friend of mine who is about a month out from having her second child… woo hoo! When I started it, she didn’t know what she was having yet, but turns out its another boy! So I am glad I chose the colors I did.

Here is the project (a baby blanket), minutes after I finished.


It is in no way perfect, and I will remind my friend that is sure has a lot of me in it… including some of my hair, our dogs hair, and I can’t for get the little wine I accidentally spilt on it. (It is so hard to control your wine and crocheting on the airplane).

Here is the close up of the stitch. Being so new, I have no idea what kind of stich I used, but I did 3 rows of each color. You can find the pattern HERE.


I have more projects on my to do list, but I wanted to share this with you before it slipped away from me!

I am currently living out of friends houses since we got Hawaii. I can’t wait to get a house and get my craft room back! Don’t you just love my hotel room comforter?

Happy Crocheting!


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Globecraft Memories Glitter Dome Ornament

I made a super fun globe in time for the fall season. Here in Hawaii though, it sure does not feel like fall. It is still hard to get into the fall spirit when it is 85 degrees, sunny, and the beach and palm trees are all around me. But in the little sliver of hope I went forward with the pumpkin theme and attempted to feel fall.


Supplies used:

Art Glitter: Designer Dries Clear Adhesive, 3D Embossit Adhesive, #53 Persimmon Ultrafine Opaque Glitter, #85 Crystal Ultrafine Transparent Glitter, fine tips

Globecraft Memories: Create & Craft Ornament (Landscape), Piccolo Enamel Powder in 24K Gold

SEI Homestead Collection: Paper, Pearl, and Flower

Bella Creationz: Twine, Tag, and Clothespin

Helmar: Double stick adhesive

I started by cutting down paper to fit inside the frame. I used double stick adhesive and attached the paper to the frame.


Then did the same to the other side of the frame, so the pumpkin pattern was on each side.


My next step was to decorate the other two frames. I used Designer Dries Clear Adhesive and #53 Permission Opaque glitter and glittered one side of each frame.


I then took the 3D Embossit and a fine tip and created a scalloped pattern around the frame.


I poured on 24K Gold Enamel Powder, and shook it off. Of course, at this point, I forgot to take pictures, but I will explain. I let the 3D Embossit and Enamel Powder completely dry. Overnight to be exact. The next day, I heated it it back up with a heat gun and it created a metallic look to it.

So onto the next parts of my project.

I used the fine tip again and outlined one of the pumpkins with Designer Dries Clear. I then added Permission glitter again and shook it off.


Once dry, I added some twine from Bella Creationz, and clothespin and a decorated tag. I also added some Gold Tattered Angels Spray.


I turned it over, and added some twine to the back to make a loop so I could hang it.


I attached the globe and then the frame with Designer Dries Clear to the “front” side.


I flipped it over and added some Crystal Glitter to the back, and sandwiched on the globe, then the frame.



And Ta-Da! My finished Ornament for Fall!


Now be sure to stop by the Art Glitter blog to see a totally glittered necklace I made!

Thanks for stopping by, and sorry for the mess. I have been living in a hotel room the last month. I am eagerly awaiting my new craft room, which may be a few more months, but I keep on crafting.