Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Three Glittered Squares

Todays project is a very simple glitter one. It all started with three blank small canvases.


I wanted to make something fun with my Dazzlers!


I used four different colors, #D11 Roulette, #D31 Patriot, #D12 Surf’s Up, and #D58 Party Time

I used Designer Dries Clear Adhesive and painted a strip of the adhesive down the middle, and poured on one of the three solid colors of Dazzlers on each of the canvases, and then shook it off.


Then I painted the rest of the canvas with more Designer Dries Clear Adhesive, and poured on the multicolor Dazzler, #D58 Party Time to all of them.


After shaking off the glitter, they looked a little something like this.


Or turn them like this,


Here is a close up of each one.


Once we get a house out here in Hawaii I want to hang these up! I like them both directions so it is so difficult on which way to hang them. Comment on which direction you like best, to help me decide!

Now be sure to stop on over to the Art Glitter Blog and see what I created using glitter over there!

Keep on glittering!


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