Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas cookies, yum!

Today I am making Christmas cookies for a Christmas Party I am going to tonight for a cookie exchange. I decided to take my chances and try something I hadn’t done. I usually just make chocolate chip cookies (and they are delicious). I am making surprise snowballs. I opened the oven with 8 minutes left and my snowballs are melting… with two minutes left they look like normal cookies, not balls… I hope I can reform them when I am supposed to “ROLL” them in powdered sugar.


So I couldn’t reform them so….


I stuck a marshmallow on them and melted them slightly in the oven. Then I…


Tried one that I didn’t put the marshmallow on. It sure was yummy. I put Dark Chocolate M&M’s in them (that is the surprise). They are my FAVORITE!

After some thinking, I decided to add a face and a ‘little hat’ on the snowmen. It looks more like a french beret or a little toupee.


So now I have a snowman army!


Note to anyone trying to decorate with chocolate. The coal dots did not like me on the face, so I ended up turning them into smiley faces.

The recipe I used for the Snow Ball Surprise cookie recipe can be found at the link.

I am going to sprinkle some more powered sugar on them before I leave to give it the “just snowed” look.

I am enjoying the Glee Christmas CD as I am making these. Wonderful.

Peace. Love. Dove.

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