Sunday, July 10, 2011

Joe’s 1st Birthday

My friends son turned ONE of Friday!

Which, I can not believe how fast kids grow! I left the hospital about a half an hour before she gave birth to him but I did meet him the next day. Last night they had his 1st party for him. We had a good time. I actually had time to make a card… but of course I slipped it in the envelope, sealed it, and said, “ah man! I forgot to take a picture”. So we stayed around so I could document what I thought was cleverness of the card.


I dorkily put a kangaroo on it, because we call him Joey! I thought I was pretty funny, and my friend loved it!! The paper I used is SEI from their playtime collection, or something like that, and cut Happy Birthday from Sweet Treats.


The inside of my cards are always boring… because I like to write personal messages. I didn’t get him a gift yet, since I am headed to Europe in… 4 days! Ek!! I should start packing… Anywho, I hope to find some cool European toy! I have a lot of country choices while I am there… and if the toy talks… EVEN BETTER!!!

Well, this may be my last post before I head out. MN bound on Tuesday to see the family, and then 2 weeks in Europe with my Mom! A long weekend at the cabin after that, and then another week with friends in MN, including a Twins Game, a Wedding, and going with my Cousin (who was my MOH), to see her in her wedding dress!! So much going on, and I could not be more than happy!

Have a good one!


Staying Crafty said...

Your card is absolutely darling :)

Cindy said...

This is such a CUTE card!WOW love it!!:)