Monday, September 12, 2011

Giveaway Update & What I Made For Dinner

I will draw a winner tomorrow for the Teddy Bear Blog Hop. If you would like to enter be sure to go HERE and comment to be eligible to win!

Now on to dinner. Yesterday my husband had a craving. When my husband has a craving I usually spend several hours in the kitchen making a new recipe using new techniques and ingredients. His craving… Tatertots.

He search the internet and found some grown up tatertot recipes that I just couldn’t turn down. We ended up making…. wait for it…

Bacon and Brie Tatertots

and they were AWESOME! You can find the recipe HERE.


I did not have a 1oz ring mold, and I could not find one, probably because I live in the middle of no where, but I did find a small biscuit cutter that I ended up using so they are slightly on the big side but amazing!


In the middle of these bad boys are a ball of bacon and brie! They were awesome. I ended up tripling the recipe, and we made about 25 big tatertots.

I know that this is not crafty, but sometimes I enjoy my time in the kitchen. I also want to thank everyone for you kind words on me getting better! My back is doing  pretty good right now. I haven’t had to take any pain meds yet today, so I would say we are on a roll.

My friend Ann from Annabellebumps is coming to visit this weekend, so I am super excited to see her! We go way back, yes way back to me is High School. I remember we were such dorks back then (ok and still are). We spent our weekends sewing, baking, and making things, where everyone else was out, well, I am not sure what they were doing… ah to be young an innocent again.

Well, I hope you have a fabulous day!


Jens Craft Corner said...

OK, I have to make those now! They look so yummy. Thanks for participating in the teddy bear blog hop. It was great having you in the lineup!

Amy E said...

Wow...those sound just intriguing enough, I'll probably have to try them!! Thanks for the tip!

Amy E.

Jen said...

These sound/look amazing! My husband would love them, too! Thanks for posting the recipe!

Pendra said...

These do look and sound really good!!! Hope you have fun with your "dorky" friend! I was a "dork" too and probably still am (actually I know I still am) and proud to be! Thanks for sharing the tatortots sounds so good and looking forward to the drawing of the winner for the Teddy Bear Blog Hop... I was there! Thanks for the fun projects!


Jessica of My Baking Heart said...

Hi Cherie! Thanks so much for visiting MBH! Always fun to 'meet' new readers... especially sisters! :) Hope to see you again soon - I'll be checking back for more yummy recipes like this one!

Dove Love!

abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

These look sooo super yummy!

Val said...

Grownup tater-tots sound great!!