Wednesday, November 30, 2011

On My Way!

I am in the airport ready to go back to the Midwest. I have nothing out here in Washington anymore. No house, no “stuff”, nothing. It is kind of surreal. Just leaving. But I am super excited to be home with family, and get back to crafting.

I will be missing out on the ornament exchange, which is a bummer because I LOVE to dress up in a crazy costume, and I bring the most ridiculous ornaments I can find. Last year I bejeweled a bird in all of the random colors I could find, and the layered it with all sorts of glitter!

Since I won’t be able to attend this year, I thought I would send along my latest creation of an ornament to them.


I went to Walmart and picked out a bunch of those wreath clip decorations and clipped them all together! Yep, and they are all different colors! I am just terrible! But someone will get a kick out of it.

They said “White Elephant” and to me, that means used, old, and silly. Well, last year I was the ONLY ONE who brought a “terrible” ornament! I will not lie. The ornament I ended up getting was beautiful! This year I asked, “What do you mean by White Elephant?” The response was, “whatever it means to you!”

So, I am sharing with you, the most horrible ornament I could create this year! Can you imagine that on your tree?? I sure can’t!

Well, my computer is about to die, and the outlet I am sitting next to does not work. Which means my phone is off cause that might die too!

If anyone is in Minnesota and you want to get together sometime, I should also be going through Iowa this year too! (I have to make it back for VEISHEA, and I have a wedding to attend some where in Iowa.) Let me know if there are any events going on, because I would LOVE to attend something before I head out to Hawaii this summer!


Sarah said...

Welcome back to Minne :) Safe travels!

Jens Craft Corner said...

Love the ornament story. Safe travels to you!

JulieK said...

Have a safe trip! I'm 10 minutes from Ames and have an awesome craft room- we'd have fun hanging out!

Amy E said...

Sad to see you're leaving Washington, but I'm glad you'll be back home closer to your family!