Tuesday, November 13, 2012

And Yes We Will Glitter It!

Happy Glitter Tuesday!

Today I have a simple and fun way to add glitter to almost any project! Today I made a simple craft box with stickers and added some sparkle to it all.


The project would make a perfect party favor, or to put a small trinket to give a friend in, and of course you can switch it up for almost ANY occasion.

Products Used:

Art Glitter: #335 Sunray Chunky Opaque Hologram, #85 Crystal Ultrafine Transparent, #364 Dreams Ultrafine Transparent, #92 Bananan Ultrafine Transparent, #94 Key Lime Ultrafine Transparent, #291 Fire Engine Ultrafine Opaque, #282 Nite Vision Ultrafine Opaque, #60 Sahara Ultrafine Opaque, Designer Dries Clear Adhesive, Metal Ultrafine Tips

Tombow: Fastener Tabs (Hook and Loop)

Other: Craft Box, Stickers

I started by assembling a small craft box.


I then added stickers all around it to spice it up! I chose these stickers since I am in Hawaii now and have been traveling the island since I got here. One day, I may not feel like a tourist anymore.


I then added a fastener. The best thing about these Tom Bow fasteners is that you can reuse this box over and over again. I have another project to share later this month on the Art Glitter Blog where I use several more. This was perfect for this spot though. I hate when boxes no longer stay shut after using them and the lid pops back off again. This fastener will be sure to keep this box shut!


I then grabbed my glitter and went to town. Using Designer Dries Clear Adhesive and the ultrafine metal tips, I glittered the stickers. I started with one side, and then finished with the other once it was dry.


For this side I used, Dreams, Sahara, Key Lime, Crystal, and Sun Ray.


On the other side I used Bananan, Fire Engine, Key Lime, and Nite Vision.


Once it was all dry I assembled to box back together and got one perfect little package!


Be sure to stop over at the Art Glitter Blog to see another project I made. It is super cute and I can’t wait for you to see it!


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