Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Glittered Waves

Today’s project is an inspired art piece. Being out in Hawaii, I am finding some amazing artists. One of the artists I love is Heather Brown. She has some amazing pieces and I encourage you to visit her site to see a bit of her style.

But onto my project. Here is what I created.


Products used:

#36 Marine Ultrafine Opaque, #121 Mermaid Ultrafine Opaque Hologram, #27 Navy Ultrafine Opaque, #329 Egyptian Blue Ultrafine Opaque Hologram, #140 Canadian Blue Ultrafine Opaque, #30 Royale Ultrafine Opaque, #285 South Seas Ultrafine Opaque, #83 Silver Ultrafine Opaque


Designer Dries Clear Adhesive

Paintbrushes, Permanent Marker, Black Acrylic Paint, Canvas, Canvas Frame.


I started with a blank Canvas. I penciled in the waves that I liked and then went over them with permanent marker.


Then came the fun. Basically a paint by number of Designer Dries Clear and Art Glitter in each of the sections. I wanted it to look like water so I used all sorts of blue colors of glitter. Some were light, and some were dark.




You can click on the “Colors of Glitter” photo to see it larger. After it was dry, I trimmed the edge with Silver glitter.

Then I used black acrylic paint, and went over the lines of where the marker used to be to get a clean, clear, crisp black line.



I love that the glitter picks up the light, and doesn’t at the same time, it works much like the ocean itself. It changes color with the sun and clouds. As you can tell in this photo, where you can see my shadow.


I put it in the canvas frame that I purchased when I bought the canvas, it was right next to them in aisle, and I picked out the size, based on the frame alone. It is great that I can velcro the canvas right into the frame!


Now be sure to stop by the Art Glitter Blog where I have another glittery project to share! I promise it to be sparkly, but yet slightly subtle. It is pure awesomeness! Have a glittery week!



Katy said...

I so love this! Beautiful, my dear!

Georgiana said...

Wow! This is so cool looking! I love the waves!

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