Friday, May 17, 2013

Texas Teardrop QAL update

I am trying my best, and I am almost caught up…

except I think my sewing machine hates me. For a little while I was doing great. I could feel my grandma’s presence, as I sewed. She was an amazing sewer. But as I almost finished the quilt top, I put the two corners on the wrong side, and then my sewing machine fully stopped. Nothing. So I have two corners to put on, which I will do tomorrow, at my friends house. Then off to find a sewing machine repair place on the island… if it costs more than $50, its probably best I get a new machine… so let me know what I should get… I want something for everyday sewing and good for quilting. Comment away, because I need some help. Right now I have a Singer Esteem that I got for my wedding 5 years ago.

Quilt Along… Here are some pictures


Squared up!


laid all out


rows done!


Attaching the rows!


Later this weekend I will show you the finished quilt top… minus the border, which hopefully I can get done if I fix my machine, or get a new one… I am so close.

Way too close. I love doing a quilt along, because I feel like I am actually going to finish something. I think it is the best way to do my first quilt. I am working on another quilt too, but I am going to finish this one, before I finish the other!

Now back to my vodka limeade… yeah, it was one of those kind of days. The sewing machine is still in pieces on the table…

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