Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Bella Blvd Warehouse Sale Box got here!

I was so excited to get my box! I actually missed the mailman and had to pick it up the next day at the post office. I wanted to open it the second I got in the car, but I decided to wait and take some pictures of it so I could show what I got.

So here we go!



Do you see how thick that stack is?? The top 9 pieces are labels, sticker and alpha sheets. But the others are paper!


The stickers and such.


The collections I got. Tail Waggers & Cat Naps, Midterm, Mr. Boy, Family Dynamix, Finally Fall, Sophisticates, Hello Beautiful, Camped Out, Spring Flings & Easter Things, Making the Team, Lovey Dovey, and Plastino.

80 sheets of paper!! I am so excited to get my UPS shipment today too! I ordered a paper cart/storage rack from Joanns.com. The worst thing about living in Hawaii is that we are so limited on selections… and what we can get costs and arm and a leg. Fingers crossed it gets here soon so I can get my craft room organized!!

Let me know if you ordered a box and what was in it! I am excited to see if they are all the same or different. I would say most of my papers were from Sophisticates and Midterm. But overall I like what I got and would totally do it again next year! Let me know if you hear of any other Warehouse boxes, because I love a good surprise!

Hope you have a crafty day! I am back at working on my QAL.


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TampaStamper12 said...

This is so neat! I would have loved to receive this as well, congrats.