Friday, June 14, 2013

My First Visitors to Hawaii

I have been MIA these past weeks. My first visitors to my house came! We had so much fun, and I was super busy. Mostly busy hanging out at the beach or the pool, but I will fully admit, I got nothing done, and it felt great.

You would think since I lived here, that I actually done most of the stuff to do, but I haven’t.

I visited my first Waterfall.


Stopped by the Dole Plantation (which was not worth the trip). My husband and I have driven past it so many times, but this time we stopped, and it was just a giant pineapple gift shop. Save yourself some money and get a pineapple at the grocery store. Its cheaper, and the exact same thing. We took some fun pictures and got dole whip though!


I went to my first Luau, and Lisa and I got on stage to do the hula. It was so much fun. The drinks were great (but I only had one since I was the driver --- and I finished it before the luau began).


Do you see me on the right side in the blue dress? My friend is to the left of me in the light dress.

I even went snorkeling! But, I am not a snorkeler I found out. I had troubles breathing and I think I may have had a panic attack so I let my friends continue to snorkel as I watched from the shore. I did see a ton of fish, and was so afraid something was going to eat me. I do want to try it again, but I think I will have to practice in the pool.

Well, now off to start some things, finish some things, and probably do some laundry. I hope to be back soon to craft, sew, and throw what I know onto my blog! Have a great weekend!


Oh and a couple months back I went and saw Toby Keith. This is my and my friend Patricia who had her baby a few weeks ago at the concert.

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