Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Friends Birthday Present

So, I am so late on my friends birthday. I am not telling who it is, they will find out in a few days when I finally send it in the mail. But I made this totally awesome frame! I used SEI chocolat paper (my absolute favorite). I even do not like the color brown, but I love this paper. I was going to enter it in a challenge, but then realized it was a card challenge using glitter. So – now its just a added to the list of things that I have made!

Here is a pic of the overall frame. (I think I need to find a new photo area!)


Do you wanna see the glitter????


Oh how I LOVE glitter. Here is a close-up on the FRIENDS


I will add a picture and send it to my friend once it dries!

Today I also made a card for my nephew it said LUMBER JACK on it, his name is Jack. I also got him the cutest little outfit with a Lumber Jack shirt and overalls. When I get a picture of him in it, I will post it. He will be ONE in January! OMG! He is so cute!

More to come later. I am starting to make a dress for my friends wedding, I bought all the stuff I think I need for it today, so start on it tomorrow. Fingers crossed that I can do it!

Peace. Love. Dove.

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Annabelle said...

She is going to love it! It really doesn't surprise me that glitter makes you happy.