Friday, January 21, 2011

A day of scrapbooking

Yesterday was my half birthday! (yes I celebrate my half birthday) So I decided to do some thing fun! I spent the entire afternoon scrapbooking. I completely lost track of time, and watch a couple great chick flicks while doing so too. It was awesome. None of the pages I made were for challenges, but I think I want to find some great LO challenge blogs, and give myself some weekly challenges. I am still working on my spouses club scrapbook, but I need to set up my external hard drive to get the rest of my pictures, so I am at a stand still. I am having a scrapbook party next week, so I might just wait until then to make more for it.

What I found that I love is finding an old picture, and making a page for it. I am the most unorganized person, so I am working on like four scrapbooks at a time. But that is the fun of it. One day, I will finish them all. I AM only 26 and half. Plenty of time. Plus, I have no kids yet, except for my puppy Lucie. Now, when are you supposed to stop calling a dog a puppy? I mean is only 2, but I feel like I might call her that all her life Smile

Here is the first page I made. It is of my recruitment group during formal recruitment back in 2002. I love this picture. I had it push pined on a bulletin board in college and then I found it sitting the window sill yesterday and kinda freaked. So I needed to scrap it! The best part, was the picture was taken in front of the house I joined. Double awesome. We all pretty much joined different houses, and few dropped out, but in the end, they are some of the greatest people I know.



The paper used was from SEI Jocelyn paper pad. I loved all the papers, but wasn’t sure how they would look together. I think it turned out fairly well. I just got a i-rock, and used the glam rocks to add the studs to the page. I believe I used the Hannah Montana Cartridge for the font and stars… but I could be wrong. Sorry. If it is I will let you know in a later post.

This next page, I am only going to show some bits and pieces of it for privacy of the people on the pages, but I will have more of my personal stuff, which I am more than happy to share later.



I LOVE this paper. It is from my favorite paper stack – SEI Madeline. Love it! I love the gray with the light teal. Very formal, and soft. I used my i-rock on the jewels. The font was cut from Opposites Attract.

My new things I bought will be here MONDAY!! I can’t wait!! Hope you enjoyed! More to come later.

Peace. Love. Dove.

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Val said...

Happy half birthday to you!! Great layout:)