Friday, August 5, 2011

I am ALMOST back!

Well, this past month has been crazy. I went to Europe for 2 weeks, went up to the cabin, my sister in law had a baby (3 weeks early), my husband is coming to visit and go to a baseball game, and next week, I will make it home.

I logged into blogger to check in on blog posts I read and I have over 3600 new posts to read since July 14th! Oh no! I feel so bad, because I love looking at all the posts, and I wish I had the time to read them all. I am looking at the clock and it is already ONE in the morning! I wish there was more time in the day!!!

I am so excited to scrapbook my trip and share it all with you. I will need a little recovery time (I am sure there are things I need to around the house this next week), and I want to get going on the book before I put it off like all the other ones!

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JustYolie said...

Oh how fun Europe! Looking foward in seeing your projects! :)