Monday, August 15, 2011

My State Signs

I have seen some super cute projects online. I am still trying to figure out something that I want to make for all the places my husband and I have lived. As of right now, I think I found one that I LOVE, and its super easy to make.

I used my 50 States Cricut Cartridge and cut out the state of choice in vinyl. For this project I made my home state, Minnesota. I placed the cut out vinyl onto the canvas. I made sure the vinyl was going to stay so I used my scrapper to make sure no paint would seep under the vinyl. Then painted it with acrylic paint.


Once the paint dried, I peeled off the vinyl.


After I double checked on a map, I placed a heart on the area where I grew up! Super simple, and in total with drying took about 20 minutes. So here is the final project.


I even made one for where I live now (which was the tester), and is on a different style of canvas.


And now, I am even making one for where I went to school… IOWA STATE!! Go Cyclones! (Which reminds me, its recruitment, my favorite time of year! Good Luck to my little SK’s!) Its still drying, and I think I am going to do two coats of paint, so more work… but I will also make Florida (where we lived right after we got married), and the two other states my hubby lived in Missouri, and Texas… and then who knows where to next!

Here is my sneak peak at Iowa.


I am still in process of organizing my pictures from Europe, but I did have an AMAZING time!! So many fun things to share, but I will share with layouts! I know I have a ton of supplies so I will be working my way through everything! Have a great day!


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