Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Blog Award & Crayon Art

First, I need to thank Jen from She passed along a blog award to me!


As part of this award, I have to answer the following 12 questions and pass this on to 6 people.  Here are the answers to my questions:

Name your favorite color? Kelly Green
Name your favorite song? Wishing Heart by Lisa Loeb
Name your favorite dessert? Crème Brulee
What wizzes you off at the moment? wizzes? what an interesting word, but I guess what “wizzes” me off is when someone has to “one up” you.
Your favorite pet? Good thing I only have ONE! Lucie, my black lab/border collie mix. She turns 3 in a couple weeks!
Black or white? Black, but I do love them together!
Your biggest fear? A tree falling on me… and volcanoes and oceans… why am I moving to Hawaii again?

Best feature? My eyes. I love them. I also love my nose.
Everyday attitude? Be yourself and the rest will follow. 
What is perfection? A glass of wine with my husband, some crème brulee would perfect to add in as well.
Guilty pleasure? The Sims 3. I am a huge dork. (and anything that sparkles aka glitter)

When you're upset? (I am assuming this means what do you do) I turn up the music and sing loudly. It always makes me feel better!

Now I need to pass this along to 6 people! (check out her latest blog post!)

Now onto my project! I saw this project circling the web, so I had to make it! I tried it with an 8 x 10 canvas since I probably wont be able to keep it because crayons melt, and I move WAY too much! But why not.

I purchased a box of 64 crayons for a buck. I opted for the the knock off brand to see how it would work. I peeled the labels off and super glued the edge of them to the top of the canvas.


I took this outside with my blow dryer and started going at it! I love how it turned out but I learned that the DARK PURPLE in the middle, and BLACK DO NOT MELT like the other colors…

Here is the finished product.


I hope you enjoyed, it was a lot of fun to make. My husband even thought it looked pretty cool. I think he is starting to enjoy my creativity!

Well I am off to Seattle for the day. I am tagging along with some friends, so who knows what we will be doing! Have a great day!

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