Monday, December 19, 2011

A Packaged Wrapped

I am not at my own home, I am at my parents. Which I find weird being that I am a married grown up woman and have lived out of my parents house since the day I was married. But I find myself back, but for a short while. So when it comes to crafting, I am using what I brought, and what my mom has.

Now for Christmas, I can’t stand the thin wrapping paper. My Mom on the other hand must have stock in it, because she has tons of it… and I in the weirdest patterns.

One of my presents I wrapped myself, and I think it turned out cute, so I wanted to share!


So simple, but I added the twine and slipped the tag in, and amazingness happened!

We had Christmas with my brother early, since he, and  his kids will be with his wife family for Christmas. My husband sent them my present and I got to open it on Sunday!! Wanna see what he got me??

It has NOTHING to do with crafting, but I love it so much!


Hat too!! He personalized the jersey too, so if you ever see a #20, that says CHERIE on the back, its me!

Christmas is almost here!! And if you are still with me on this post, my mom finally started a blog!! She has no idea what she is doing, so it will be a slow process at first, but if you want to stop by and check it out you can visit,, Yep. she is a Northwoods Sneaker… whatever that means! I guess you will have to stop by to see what its all about!


My mom might be mad I posted this picture, because I sure she won’t like it of herself, but I thought it was cute. This is her and her grandkids… the younger one was trying to kiss his older brother, it was so cute!


JulieK said...

Merry Christmas Cherie! I hope you have a wonderful Holiday with your family. Love the hat!

Annabelle said...

I didn't know you were Wild fan! I still need to give you your headband/ear warmers - which I guess will now be your Christmas present from me :)

Beckie said...

How fun. Thanks so much for join my WRAP IT UP link-up party.

Be blessed, Beckie