Sunday, March 25, 2012

Art Glitter Design Team 2012 Audition

For those of you who know me well, you know that I love glitter. So when I heard about Art Glitter’s Design Team Call, I knew I had to audition since I am so passionate about glitter in general. The passion may have grown in college, and being in a sorority may have helped as well but, several years later I am still playing with it, and love it even more!

While brainstorming I came up with a really long list of things I could create using glitter, and I made a couple projects to share with you all today.

The first project is a glittered wine glass.


I originally wanted to make chalkboard stemmed wine glasses but it just felt so boring. One day I got to thinking and knew that it would be so awesome to have some nice glittered glasses for a fun girls night.

My mom purchased a set of 12 glasses from a bargain store and I got to crafting. I coated the bottom and the stem of the glass with glue and then sprinkled glitter all over the glue. I shook off the glitter and then waited a little while till it was semi dry. I then coated the glitter with glue and added more glitter. I waited this time until it was completely dry.

IMG_0459              IMG_0463

I then took some clear acrylic spray paint and coated the glitter with it. I ended up doing a few coats to make sure that the glitter would not fall off when using the glass. I plan on making each glass a different color of glitter so when you have a party, you will know which glass is yours!

For my second project, I wanted to share with you is the letter “A”. I chose the letter A for Anderson, my maiden name. I wanted to create a cascading effect with color. Starting with blue and moving along to a teal green. Similar to the last project I did two coats. Repeating the process twice.

IMG_0447 IMG_0450


I started at the bottom with my darkest color. The letter was already primed white so it was easy to work with. I applied glue to the amount that I chose for the bottom color, and then sprinkled the glitter on. I shook off the glitter and then applied glue to the next area above it where I wanted to place my second color. I did this until all of the four colors I wanted to use filled the letter. I let it dry for about 20 minutes and repeated the process.


When it was all dry I sprayed it with clear acrylic spray paint. I also could have used hair spray. I find that works as well. You can see how I used that in my post about my mantel piece I made last year.

I hope you enjoyed the projects I shared with you today. I have so many more things I will be creating with glitter this year and can’t wait to share them with you! This fall my best friend is turning thirty and she called me last month and said she knew what the theme was going to be. After she made me guess a million different things that were all wrong, she blurted out, “GLITTER!” WE both screamed in excitement and I can not wait to start planning!

I hope you enjoyed my projects today, wish me luck, and don’t forget to visit Art Glitter and check out the amazing glitter they have!! There are so many different kinds, it is like glitter dream land!


Annabelle said...

I love the glasses! Invite me over and I will bring the wine ;)

JulieK said...

Love these! Good luck with the DT call!!

KC Eddy said...

Very cute ideas!!! I LOVE the wine glass!!

Emmy Coffee said...

What do you think about spray adhesive for the layers? Also, how do you WASH the glass??