Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Bridal Banner

My cousin Cassandra had her first bridal shower of the year this past weekend. It was the family shower. Both sides of her family got together and put together a great shower filled with fruit and chocolate for her.

Cass was my maid of honor in my wedding, we are super close. I am 2 weeks older than her, and our mom’s are sisters. We grew up living less than 5 miles from each other. We lived in different school districts so we never went to school together, but we hung out often. She is the closest thing I have to a real sister.


So in honor of wedding season, I made a banner!



I kept it pretty simple so it can be used again… Cassie’s sister is getting married in July!

It is made up of two different teal papers and two different pinks. The Banner is cut from Stand and Salute (don’t quote me on that, but I think that is what I used), and the letters are from Simply Sweet cartridge.

Have a great day!

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