Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March Madness

Nope, nothing to do with basketball. No offense to those who love basketball, but it is NOT my sport. On the other hand my husband loves it. My March Madness is a crafting madness. Lots of projects on my to do list, and some even completed!

My parents have been wanting to re-do their bathroom. The one that I use, so I think it is considered the guest bathroom. Several fixture in the bathroom are original… such as the medicine cabinet and the lights. My mom bought all new towels, and a new shower curtain. The big thing… painting.

I offered to do since I have been wanting to paint something forever! They even let me pick out the color!

The original tile is gray and black. So I went with a nice purple paint color to go with the tile. Before it was gray with maroon and white sponge paint. It only took me a day to prep and paint! My dad was a little shocked at my color choice, but then again, if they wanted something different then he should have picked the color! Even as a kid, I had a weird sense of color choices. I had a teal room with white and dark purple sponge paint… {why was sponge painting so cool back then? Maybe in 10 years purple would have not been the right choice too.}

Anyways. Here are some before, in the middle, and I will post a final picture later this week when we get all the stuff back in the room!

                  BEFORE                                    ALMOST DONE!












Lots of stuff coming up this month. If my mom’s sewing machine is working I will also be participating in a sew along! I think I will start on that tonight! I have the fabric cut and ready to go. Just keeping my fingers crossed on the machine! I hope you are all having a wonderful week!



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