Tuesday, April 12, 2011

One of those GREAT days

Have you ever had one of those AMAZING days, but you didn’t know it was going to be that good until the day starts?

Sunday was one of those days. My husband didn’t have to work, and we had no plans. When we woke up Sunday morning I asked my hubby what we should do that day. Well, let’s see if the Mariners are in town. And sure enough, they were! So, we went to a baseball game. He is a Cardinals fan, and I am Twins fan, but we thought, hey, its baseball, who cares!

So we jumped in the car, went to the mall, bought some Mariner’s t-shirts, and headed down to Safeco field to watch them play the Indians.

We had amazing seats!


3rd row! They were amazing. I think even better than the ones we had behind home plate the one other time we went to a game together there.


I love my cameral. I even got great shots like this one above… FROM MY SEAT!

The Mariners lost, but that didn’t ruin the day for us. We then headed over to Pike’s Place Market to get some King Crab Legs to take home for dinner. While we were there my husband let me pick out a bouquet of flowers to take home too! Aren’t they beautiful!


We got home, and had a delicious dinner and got to sleep in Monday morning. These are the days where we are happy we don’t have children. We can do things on a whim. Take spontaneous trips, and enjoy the day!

I know, I am going to go backwards here, but I didn’t know I had this picture. On Saturday, my friend and I went to the Anacortes Wine Festival. Thirty wineries, one wine glass, and FOUR hours. Here is us at hour TWO!!

DSC09981 We had visited all 30 wineries… We had a blast, and a super fun girls afternoon!

Hope you had an amazing weekend. And enjoy the rest of the week! I am excited to see what pans out for the rest of the week, hopefully more crafting!



Val said...

Those are some awesome seats!! What a wonderful day, and pretty flowers!

Jan said...

Sounds like a fabulous day! My kids grew up doing things on a whim~they got used to it! LOL. Thanks for visiting my blog and now I'm your 100th FOLLOWER! Yay, me. I was reading your profile and it looks like we have lots in common~~pretty cool!