Thursday, May 31, 2012

Getting Re-Situated

I love where life takes me sometimes. Right now I am sitting in a little condo in the town we used to live in. Technically we still “live” here, but since all of our stuff is in storage and I will be back in Minnesota in less than a month, and no longer have a home. I feel more like a visitor in a town I once lived.


It is dreary days like these that bring back those long winter months I was here with dog. Working. But now I can enjoy those days with a good book, hot tea, my crochet hook, and some good music.


Some things have changed in this town. Restaurants we loved have closed, new ones have open. Some have moved a few blocks down, and some have re done their menus. But new of all there is now a scrapbook store!

I leave for 6 months, and a month or two after I leave, they get a craft store. Of course they do! I stopped in the other day with the husband… which is never a good idea if I want to buy anything. They have some pretty good paper companies, which is a plus. I only wish I had it closer when I was working on the two scrapbooks I had to make for the squadron over the past couple years.

Unfortunately I can’t get much while I am here, since I brought a limited amount of crafting supplies. No worries, my glitter was in my carry on. I would not leave home without it!

So today, I am just going to enjoy the day. Start my day at the gym, and then come “home” to that tea, my crochet hook, glitter, and hope the day ends up with a gorgeous sunset.


No matter how your day starts, you never know how it will end. And here in this town, you really never do know. Enjoy the the day, and always hope for the best.

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