Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Glitter Splatter

I have been really been wanting to use my neon glitter. I love neon, but I just couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do with it. I got to thinking and since it was definitely a throwback to the 80’s, I thought how about splatter paint!

To make splatter paint, sparkly! yes please!

Splatter Glitter

Products used:

Art Glitter (you can choose what colors you like, but I used the following) #233 Blue Hawaii Ultrafine Opaque, #256 Purple Passion Ultrafine Opaque, #221 Punk Pink Ultrafine Opaque Neon, #320 Starship Ultrafine Opaque Hologram, #222 Electric Light Ultrafine Opaque Neon, #79 Black Ultrafine Opaque, #84 Shiney Si Ultrafine Opaque

Designer Dries Clear Adhesive

Spray bottle or some sort of stick (I will explain this later)

Canvas (mine was 12”x36”, I got it 50% off at a craft store)


Alright, for starters, I took my canvas, out of the plastic.


Sorry for the next few pictures, the lighting in my mom’s craft room is not the best at all!

I then mixed up some Designer Dries Clear with a little bit of water in a spray bottle. After a few rounds, I enjoyed dipping the stick of the spray bottle into the glue and flinging it on the canvas. But when I started, I was spraying it onto the canvas. Since it was thick it came out in blobs, which it what I wanted, but I liked the dipping method better.


I then took my first glitter color, and sprinkled it on. I let it dry. Then dumped off the glitter (I had a paper ream box on the floor with parchment paper in it, so I could catch the excess glitter)

Then I moved on to adding the next color by repeating the steps. Here you can see I added adhesive after removing the glitter.


I repeated the process, and kept layering colors.


Until I got my desired look. Here is a close up of the splatter.

Splatter Glitter

And the finished product, which I hung proudly in my “former” bedroom at my parents house. I think my dad was sad that there was no glitter in the house after I left. Ok, I don’t think that is really true, but it is a little piece of me that I left for him! All of his car trophy plaques would look way better if they were glittered, but he won’t let me do that.

Splatter Glitter

Now this is totally “Me”. Now you could make one that is totally YOU! If you have time, can please stop by the Art Glitter Blog, I have a project posted there that I am in LOVE with that I made! A sneak peak maybe?

Glitter Stem

Oh yes, So swing by the Art Glitter Blog to see the entire thing! A-MAZING!

Have a wonderful day, and keep on glittering! I am so excited to head back to Hawaii soon!!



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yes we needs the experience one that's why we are not focusing so much on money
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DIANA L. said...

This is is awesome!!! love the splats
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