Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

Oh I feel like this trip has been crazy. I flew home spur of the moment a couple weeks ago, because my mom had surgery. Now, and I am in Minnesota (and oh my its cold!)

So here is what I have been up to besides glittering (I should have a sign that says, “I travel with glitter” on my bag)!


That is me and my friend Emily, her Brother in Law cleared off the pond to skate on, of course I get the picture taken AFTER I take my skates off!


This one is taken on NYE, we headed out there bundled up and all in boots this time. I’m in the middle. These two girls both went to Iowa State with me and we are all sorority sisters, Anna on the right, is my Big Sis! Emily on the left is my Heart Sis, and I have known her since 6th grade.


These girls are the best! I was even able to celebrate with them last year too!


Now rewinding, here is 4 generations at Christmas. My grandma, my dad, my brother, and my two nephews!


I finally got my snow! I was so excited for this! So excited!

Well, I better get in the craft room. I need to get some glitter stuff going on, and some other ideas I have brewing up! Lets hope for a craftier new year!

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Pat N. said...

Aww, good times! TFS your photos! Happy New Year!