Friday, January 25, 2013

My Obsessions

So, everyone has an obsession. My obsessions are always changing, and I am always trying to find something new, exciting, and slightly adventurous to do.

Besides my obsession with glitter,

glitter Don’t worry, that’s not all of it…

I have been obsessed with fabric (I am starting to wonder how many time I am going to say “obsessed” in this post).

Lots of fabric.

I started building up a stash of fabric. I do have a sewing machine, but it is in storage, and based on when I can start sewing is based on when I can find a house… which is a huge stressor right now. My husband and I have been living out of suitcases for over a year now.

OK, but what this post is really about. I wanted to share with you some of the fabric I have been collecting along the way. My goal this year is to make a quilt. I really hoping that I love it, because I have a lot of quilts I want to make. I will try to explain what I bought each bit of fabric for.

So my first purchase, which I am going to use to make some sort of quilt for in our guest bedroom which will also be my craft room.


I am not going to remember most of these collections, but this is Joel Dewberry Aviary 2, Lilac. I decided Purple and Green is going to be my craft room, with bits of light teal and white. This is by far, my FAVORITE collection so far.

I also bought this, and I am hoping one of my many pregnant friends has a girl one day.


Its fun a geometric. Love the purples and greens, but with some pink in it too.

Next I am going to use as my first quilt. It will be my practice one, and if it turns out good, I know some friends that are going to be having BOYS soon.


I really love the teal and green dots! I think that is what I would want to back this with, but my plan is to make this a triangle quilt.

The rest of this fat quarter bundle came with these.


Which are the greens, yellows, and grays. I would make this another quilt.

Next up, fabric that I wanted to make a pillow, but my mom’s sewing machine was broken when I was home so I couldn’t even do that. But I love the bright colors and might be able to do something with it.


I then purchased a fat quarter bundle of Simply Color in greens and grays. Which I love and would think it would make a beautiful non gender dominant baby quilt for those friends that like the element of surprise!


But me, no surprises with me. When we do have kids, I am going to find out. But it is going to be giraffe themed, and did you know there is fabric that matches this next group, that has a giraffe print too?! Oh citron and gray, you are going to be my baby blanket! (I am not pregnant)


I have a girly bundle.


And I picked up two Hawaiian prints. The blue one, will be a quilt I want to make for our time in Hawaii. But not sure what the black and green one will be used for.



So, my goal is to make a quilt. And I am not going to lie, I also bought some other fabrics and some stash building fabrics (that will be a surprise) that come in the mail today, so I will need to share those with you!

I also got a cutting mat, rotary cutter, a big ruler, and a triangle ruler. If anyone has any suggestions for a beginner, let me know. My plan is to make quilts, but I might branch out and make other things too… I just have no idea what yet!

Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that I can find a house soon. I am getting really tired of our currently lifestyle. I actually have my stuff spread out between three different places. Thanks to some amazing friends!

Have a great weekend! I might even start cutting up some of this fabric!! That makes me nervous!


Katy said...

Oh Quilt Cove, how I love that store!! Great fabrics there lady!

Annabelle said...

Oh my goodness, I think your fabric stash is actually larger than mine and I've been sewing for years! Now I see why you had a billion pins on fabric stash organization :) You have a ton of fun fabrics picked out. I'm hoping to make a quilt for my little bump this year - but I haven't started planning it out yet.

Martha said...

Wow you have an amazing fabric collection. I love them all. I hope you find a house soon so you can start making those quilts on your list.

Laurie said...

I especially love the first grouping of material that you have here. The purple and aqua colors are divine. I can't wait to see your project finished. I also hope you find a place to roost soon so that you can let those creative plans become a reality!

Kristen :-) said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog post... Just FYI... Hawaii DEFINITELY counts :-)