Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Glitter Tattoo!

Did you see that Art Glitter came out with Body Glue!?! I couldn’t wait to get my hand on it and see what it was all about!

If you came by to see what I was quilting, I should have an update later this week on the status of my Hawaiian Quilted Pillow, but on with the glitter!

I ordered a couple stencils, including a cherry stencil, but I know I could probably cut out anything I want out of vinyl on my Cricut. Below are the supplies used.


Art Glitter’s Body Glue (that is on sale until March 25th!)

Art Glitter in #280 Lime Rind Ultrafine Opaque, #333 Red Zone Opaque Hologram




I strayed slightly from the directions that they gave me, because I wanted to make sure my colors didn’t blend. But I started with cleaning my hand and putting the stencil where I wanted the glittered tattoo.


I brushed on the body glue on where I wanted to put my first color. Then sprinkled on the glitter and dusted it off.


I added body glue to the next part, added the glitter, dusted it off then removed the stencil… slowly.


And there you have it a glittered tattoo! I am not going to lie, the kids I know LOVE it! My friends son even tried to smell it yesterday, granted he is only two, so it is ok. I have had it on for almost a week and it is still going strong. About an hour after I put it on, I even showered. – Still sparkly!!

Well I hope you love this, I can’t wait to make one for St. Patrick’s Day! (Not cherries, but I will give it a shot at a shamrock for sure!)

Be sure to stop by the Art Glitter Blog for another fun glittery project!


and glitter on!

ps. Sorry for my pictures not being the greatest, my camera died. It was so sad, the last picture on my post is literally the last picture my Rebel Xsi took… but in much happier news, I got a new Rebel T4i!  I’ll post about that later!

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Martha said...

Oh this looks so much fun! I know a few kids too that would love a glitter tattoo.