Tuesday, March 26, 2013

You’ve Gotta Glitter the Eggs

Last year, I dyed eggs with my Mother, I attempted to use wine to do so, but it didn’t really work well.


This year, well we are moving… FINALLY! One week until I have all of our belongings back under one roof, and I am ecstatic! So, I wasn’t in the mood to do the whole hard boil the egg thing.

Instead, I glittered plastic ones!


To tell you the truth, I had an AWESOME idea… but I couldn’t find CLEAR plastic eggs. If anyone knows where I could get some of those, please let me know. I will have to save that project for next year.

Now on with the step by steps:

Products Used:

Art Glitter on the small eggs in: #225 Shocking Pink Neon, #365 Caution Neon, #222 Electric Light, #233 Blue Hawaii Ultrafine Opaque, #361 Cat Eyes Ultrafine Opaque On the Big Egg: #289 Pompeii Ultrafine Transparent, #212 Blue Whale Ultrafine Transparent, #312 Fresh Green Ultrafine Transparent, #103 Jonquil Ultrafine Transparent, #205 Berry Pie Ultrafine Transparent, #360 Pretty Pink Ultrafine Transparent, and #85 Crystal Ultrafine Transparent.

Designer Dries Clear Adhesive

Plastic Eggs (or real ones – just don’t plan on eating them after)


Painters Tape

When I went to the store, I only a had few choices on eggs. They didn’t sell much at the craft store so I was stuck with the grocery store options. So I purchased the giant clear egg with 30 eggs in it.


I start by taking one half of the giant egg (I took the top) and sectioned out the areas with Washi tape. I recommend using Painters tape, because washi tape did not cut it.


I then went one color at a time using ALL transparent glitters. Now the tricky part. Brushing adhesive on to plastic. I like to use a lot of adhesive when doing this. Also letting a layer dry, and then adding another layer, otherwise you get a lot of glue separation. But you can fix that later if need be. I will explain it when I do the little eggs.


Ok, so you added all the glitter, now let it dry.

DSC02664Then peel off the tape. With the washi the adhesive started to peel up. I am hoping with painters tape it will be more precise.

Now onto the little eggs. I did the same thing, but I opened up the eggs. I tried doing some cool things to it, like dripping glue and swirls, but I am not that talented, and I just loved the “full” glitter look. What can I say. Also, don’t forget to do your “golden” egg. Even though as a kid I don’t recall having a golden egg. We were excited to get pennies in the late 80’s early 90’s.



If the adhesive separates, after you had added the glitter, dab adhesive onto the open spots, the glitter will help keep the adhesive in tact. Then add more glitter. (which add more glitter is a great option… ALWAYS)

Anyways. I like to ramble, so back to the finished product. Adding some Easter Grass, I complete the egg in the basket look, and 100% glitter fantastic.


Now if you didn’t see the Art Glitter Blog on Saturday (where my post was), be sure to check it out today, otherwise, I know there will be something awesome posted on the Art Glitter Blog today as well!



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Chiao said...

Love how you put the glitters on the eggs!