Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Beginnings of My Hawaiian Quilted Pillow

So I started taking a Hawaiian Quilting Pillow Class.

I have been wanting to make a quilt but I don’t more for a few more weeks (YEAH!!) and I don’t have a sewing machine until then. Then it will take at least a week to get my house together before my husband will let me start to play, so a hand sewing class I thought would be a perfect way to start.

The colors aren’t exactly as I had hoped they would show up in pictures, but here is my cut out “snowflake” pattern. It is called Ginger.


We were to come to class, and not take out the pins yet. I am showing it on my background color which is gray. I chose two different blues, but this is what my husband picked. Which was my first choice too, but he said it was more Hawaiian in color, and I would have to agree.

Once we got to class we got to open it up! Then we pinned it to the back fabric, and then basted it.


I love how it looks!! Unfortunately my edges keep fraying. I want to blame that on my scissors I bought. Because my fabric is Kona, and thought that was good fabric. They were sold out of the brand of scissors I wanted, and out here, we do not have many choices. I might have to buy a new pair online.

Now my homework is to hand applique the pattern to the back. I will tell you that I have learned several new tricks to tying knots, what basting even was, and how to do the invisible applique stitch! Well at least that is what I am going to call them!

I will definitely update you with my progress. My next class is Tuesday, so I will have to have to entire top appliqued to the backing by then. For a beginner, she said this may take 10 hours… which probably means I should start now! Cause I am sure it might take me longer.

I will update you some time this week or next before I head off to class!

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