Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I Officially Packed It Up

We leave in less than a week (and I wish I was more prepared). But I did it. I took apart my craft room.


Yep. It’s a mess! But a ton is packed in boxes. See…


When I clean… I make a mess. It doesn’t look like I will be working out anytime soon either.


My Cricut is even packed up. I am taking it to MN with me (and I might be leaving it with my mom… because I won an E2)! Do you see my new bag? It’s a Thirty One bag, with 3 bags in it. I ordered it when I hosted my Thirty One party. It was one of the Hostess Exclusive products. I put all my craft supplies headed to Minnesota in it. This bag is HUGE and awesome!


Well, its almost bed time here. I hope you are all having a great time. I will keep busy packing. Tomorrow is my husbands birthday, so I will have to take a break to bake him a cake, dinner, and maybe run off to Macy’s to get him a present! Any suggestions for a man who has EVERYTHING?? (and did I mention his birthday is TOMORROW – as in Wednesday!) I think I dropped the ball on that one. Whoops.


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Annabelle said...

I am the same way - things always get messier in the process of cleaning and organizing! Although, my end product is a little neater than yours :)