Friday, October 21, 2011

It’s Here! It’s Here!!

Ok, its not HERE HERE, it is at my parent’s house in Minnesota, but it is THERE, and I can’t be more excited!! Some of you may have seen it, but a few weeks back on Tammy Skinner’s Blog, Creative Critterz, she announced her winner of the E2… and I could not believe it when I saw my name! Yep, I won an E2!

Here is the picture that my Dad took from his cell phone of it after he took it out of the box today! (yes, my dad texts now!)


I will be home in a couple weeks, so I have to patiently wait until then to open the box… but I will share with you my adventures of learning the E2!! My household (my husband and I) are pretty tech savvy, so I am not too concerned, I have been reading reviews and watching videos others have posted online, so I think I am ready. But I am super excited!!

I need to thank Tammy 100 times over, because I am super excited to be able to own this machine now. I literally stayed up ALL night to watch it on HSN (luckily for my husband he was out of town). I didn’t purchase one because, let’s be truthful, I couldn’t afford it… I am a stay at home wife… which means unless it is food, something my husband wants or on super duper sale, I don’t buy it.

I can’t wait to show you everything about it! I might even be leaving my original Cricut Expression in Minnesota so my mom can have it (and I don’t have to haul a machine back there when I stay for an extended period of time). Plus, I know my mom might actually use it since she does have a craft room… and works in a school!

Alright, that is enough rambling. I just got really excited! Hope you have a great weekend!


Becky Dunham said...

It is beautiful and I am jealous :)

Rhonda Miller said...

Yay, have fun.

Jessica said...

Congratulations Cherie...Your excitement in this post is so contagious! Can't wait to see your creations you make using your yummy prize!!!

Annabelle said...

Yay for you! It's adorable that your dad sent you a picture just so you could have a picture for your blog post.

Pat N. said...

Wow! what an amazing prize! Congratulations to you and have fun with your new machine!--Pat N.

JulieK said...

Wa-Hoo!! So excited for you! You will love it!!

Karen said...

Hey Cherie, I am just getting back to blogging after being lazy all summer, and so I get to your blog to see what you have been up to, and boy have you been busy!! First of all moving!! WOW very exciting, and winning a Cricut2, WOW!!! That would never happen to me, really, I could be running the raffle, selling the 1 ticket in the raffle to me, drawing the 1 ticket out of the hat that I brought with me to the raffle, and I would still lose the raffle to the maker of the hat whose name was on a label inside the hat.! I have such bad luck, but i can say that I recently got my E2, and I LOVE IT!!! Good luck with the move, and i will check back with you. I also wanted to tell you that my daughter is doing great after her surgery. It has been a little over 2 months, and she is doing great. If you end up doing it, you might want to think about doing it before you have the kids, if you think that you might nurse them. I had the same idea, I said I wanted to wait till after the babies, so I could breast feed, and make sure everything works, but what I found out was that I was to big to be able to nurse. I was so big plus the added boobage with the pregnancy, I was suffocating my children! LOL there was just so much boobs, and i was trying to get the nipple in to feed, and then I would realize that the poor baby's nose was blocked by more boobage lol, it was a site!! Oh sorry for the rambling rants, I usually save those for my own blog. Good luck on the move,Karen♥