Wednesday, October 19, 2011

An Oktoberfest Digital Layout

Since the paper, glue, Cricut, glitter, bling, and other random embellishments are all packed up. I am left with doing digital layouts. I should be packing, but it’s the husbands birthday, and I already made his cake. I am just waiting for it to cool so I can assemble it.

A few weekends ago we went to our local Oktoberfest, Beer on the Pier. We usually head out to Leavenworth, WA which is super fun, but with a 3 hour drive, we opted for the 5 minute drive downtown Anacortes. This is the layout I made of the festivities.

My Book-002

I was the only girl to go with a few guys. There wives stayed home with the kids… and since we don’t have kids, I got to go! The botton right picture is one of my favorites. It is a face I make often!

Hope you have a great day. Now off to make some more goodies for the hubby! The dinner menu is steak, twice baked potatoes, German chocolate cake, but with a peanut butter fudge frosting instead of coconut! Which is good for me, since I don’t like coconut. I will have to post some pictures about last years cake vs. this years cake. But that might be perfect for tomorrow. The Cardnials are also playing tonight. Which means my husband will be glued to the TV. As you may know already I am a TWINS fan, but you have to have some give and take, so when the Twins aren’t playing, I support my husband. So I guess, go Cards. I know he will be happy if they win. Which in turn will keep me happy!

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Annabelle said...

Haha, that bottom right picture is so you! Glad you had a good time - Matt and I forgot to celebrate Oktoberfest.