Monday, January 2, 2012

Letterpress: Framed

Still in love.

I found a way to combine my favorite thing with this one.



I cut out the letters and “and” with Caligraphy printing plates from Lifestyle Crafts. I then used the flourish (from Flourish plates), and the dots from Bubly plates from them as well, to complete the look.

I love how I could use classic and contemporary at the same time. This will look great in my kitchen once we move again!


Here is a close up to see the detail of the letterpress impression. This is my new obsession. I am planning in my mind all of the goodies I want to get. Still brainstorming all the ideas, but tomorrow I am going to get some more paper!

Alright. Enough for tonight. I also posted this on the Lifestyle Crafts Community Gallery.


JulieK said...

Beautiful! I got a Letterpress for Christmas and LOVE it! If you're near a Hobby Lobby check out the clearance area- I found ink, paper, and plates for super cheap at 2 different HL's. Can't wait to see what you make next!

Amy said...

This is so pretty and I was wondering about the letterpress- I have been looking at it and didn't know if it would be a huge mess and worth it or not- but it looks great! :)Amy