Friday, January 13, 2012

Welcome Baby!

As always I have friends having babies. None of them are close by right now. But I think on any given day, I know someone that is pregnant. Not me though. We are still waiting for the right time for us. I’ll let you all know when that is, but being that we are moving to Hawaii… not anytime soon. I am working on my bikini body first!

Anyways. I made this card using the Petite Printing Plates from Lifestyle Crafts. I used royal blue and orange ink. I wanted it to look masculine, and not SUPER baby in color. Right away I thought… Gators colors… we did live in Florida for a short time and I had stopped down to their campus to visit my “sisters" a couple times.


I love how it turned out. I am all about simplicity. I added some twine and some glam rocks to the mix.

Here is a close up of the letterpressed images.


The onesies are even letterpressed but I cut them out to hang on the “line.”

I hope you enjoyed this card. Have a wonderful weekend! I am off to see my personal trainer again. She has been getting me into shape!


Annabelle said...

So cute! I should have you make one for my cousin - she is due in March! Actually, I am quite serious about that - she is having a boy . . .

Beckie said...

Adorable. Love its CAS look.

Be Blessed, Beckie

Laurie said...

I really like this card. I love the colors you chose, especially cute for a baby boy. Or triplets!! The little silver glam rocks give it a bit of class. You are going to have to show me how you did those!

Rez P. said...

Aloha Cherie,

Such a adorable card. I need to make a card like this since my bf is due in May. TFS and following my new blog.

Big Hugs,
Karezma Kreations

Rez P. said...

Hey Again,

Ur moving to HI? Honolulu? Awe, too bad I'm not there to showed you around. Looks like were staying here (SD) for 2 more yrs. I'm sure you'll LOVE IT! Such a BEAUTIFUL place to be. I miss home sooo much...
Karezma Kreations