Friday, September 7, 2012

Getting Ready to Take Off!

Oh the countdown can almost begin!

I am getting  very excited and anxious all at the same time about our big move. Sorry for the lack of craftiness as of lately. I will have glitter posts on Tuesdays, but since I am moving to HAWAII before September is over, things may be a little crazy for me.

Sunday we start our road trip back to Seattle (we are going to take a week and make it count). Then spend a few days with friends while my husband goes back to work for a short time, then bye bye main land, hello Hawaii!

Once I am in Hawaii, I will have MOST of my craft supplies back, and more projects to share with you! I have some super fun plans for my blog when I get a little more settled out there, so stay tuned!

Happy glittering and be sure to check back!

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