Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Lucie!

Today is my dog’s Birthday! She is four years old! Which may not be as exciting to some people, but, in dog years, that makes her 28. The same age as myself, and my husband! That can only happen once right?!

So in honor of her birthday I am made her a puppy dog card.


Being that we are “on the road” and the majority of my craft supplies are already in Hawaii. I had to keep this card simple. I purchased the paper at Joann’s in Kansas City (where my in-laws are). It is KI Memories.

I used Art Glitter, #85 Crystal Ultrafine Transparent, and Art Glitter’s Elements E25 Pottery! As well as my favorite liquid adhesive, Designer Dries Clear.

I used the Crystal on the bones.


And the Elements on the the “dirt” at the bottom.


Do you see the sparkle in that? And the gold chunks? It was so much fun playing with it! And perfect for the natural element! There are a bunch of fun natural elements in their Elements Collection.


So here’s to Lucie! Have a great Birthday, even though we are on the road and spending it in Salt Lake City, Utah! Hope you are ready for our new lifestyle change to Hawaii, and may you continue to be the best dog ever.

Now, head on over to the Art Glitter Blog where you will find another fun glitter project from me today!


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Katy said...

Happy Birthday to Lucie! I miss you guys already!!