Friday, February 4, 2011

A Blog Award! How cool!


A blog award! How awesome!! Thanks so much! I am new to Blogging, so this is great to have received. And I am so excited to pass it on!



Thank you Leah from Leah’s Card Designs! Leah, thank you so much! It was a great surprise to see today! Check out her blog, she has so super adorable cards she has made :)

Upon receiving this award I must thank the person (s) and link it back to their blog, inform all the new recipients of their award, and share 8 things about myself. Pass it on to 8 individuals (blogs) that you recently discovered. This is always a great way to find new inspiration so be sure to check them out!

I have seen this on many blogs I follow, so I am going to find some new ones which I follow, and of course LOVE!

My first goes to my great friend Annabelle. I have known Ann for many years. You could find us in high school sewing purses, tye dying t-shirts (don’t forget the undies and sports bras we tye dyed and puffy painted… yep, we were that cool), and baking! Smile  Check here out at Annabelle Bumps.

For next seven, here we go.

Young's Scrapping- and other thoughts or creations

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Snip Tuck Design

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Scrappin’ Aggie

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(If you already have received this award, my apologizes. I tried to search blogs I followed and searched to see if the award was given.)

So for the eight things about myself.

1. I am from Minnesota. I grew up in the same house (my parents still live there), and since I have been married (2.5 years) my husband and I have moved twice, to other states, on the opposite sides of the country!


2. I am a geocacher, and I LOVE it! My goal is one in every state. Which means I want to visit every state!


3. I love baseball. Go TWINS!! I even went to a game for my Bachelorette Party!


4. I am a sorority girl. I would not say typical because I am not the image you would think of, but I loved my college years, and I made many best friends. I will be one till I die, and all my friends know that it is high on my importance list. It holds a place in my heart, and I make many references to it on my blog.  

5. My husband and went on our honeymoon 2 years late to ALASKA!

Glacier bay edit

6. I love giraffes. I have no idea where it came from, but people send me giraffes as gifts now, and I have an awesome collection in our guest bedroom. One day, when we decide to have children, it will be a giraffe themed nursery.


7. Dark chocolate is the best, but I am on a diet right now (doing the healthy eating and working out daily), so I haven’t had any chocolate in a couple weeks! My mom and I are competing. If I lose more weight than her by the time she comes and sees me in march, she is taking me on a trip to EUROPE! So I have to do this, I would LOVE to go back to Europe.

8. I have a dog named Lucie (and an obsession with –ie), she is a mix --- lab, border collie, and something else. She is 40 some odd pounds. Growing up, I was AFRAID of dogs, so it is weird that I have one. But I love her bunches and she gets me though deployments when my husband is away. She is our child.


So that’s a little about me!

I might craft this weekend, but I left all of my cartridges at my friends house (its next door---haha). So before I get in the crafting zone, I should probably go over there and get them.

Have a fabulous weekend!

peace. love. dove.

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Annabelle said...

Thank you so much for the blog award. I have been such a terrible blogger and follower this past week - I just noticed this. Forgive me for my laziness!