Thursday, February 24, 2011

Engagement Card

Wonderful news! My cousin (who was my maid of honor) got engaged a couple weeks ago! I am so excited for her, she is one of my best friends. Our Mom’s are sisters, and we were born 2 weeks apart from each other. Growing up we lived 5 miles from each other too. Which makes her practically my sister. (She has two other sisters, but I have none, so she is the closest thing to it).

I thought it would be fun to make her a card, because now in life we live a couple thousand miles apart (which stinks). I call her weekly, so it has been hard for me to go through life without her. When go home to visit, I see her almost EVERY DAY!

Here is the card. I used SEI paper Jocelyn. One of my favorites, it is so elegant, and I use it for “special occasions” only. This is defiantly one of them.


I used Tie the Knot, and Sweethearts cartridges. I always get those two mixed up, but I LOVE them both. One is more related to weddings, while the other can be used for dating, engagements, and cute love things.

Here is the inside. I cut out this adorable car! I thought I was perfect for them.


I need to put this in the mail today, but I am going to spend the rest of the afternoon scrapbooking! I am so excited.

Other great news… I am going to EUROPE with my mom this summer! WOO HOO!! Only problem, I need some spending money. So, I am going to get a part time job (bummer). But it will be nice to have some extra dough, and if I am part time, I will still have time to scrap, so I am good. My parents are coming out to visit in a few weeks too! I am so much going on, and they are all AWESOME things!

My hubby is outside shoveling the snow the plow put in front of our driveway… and it was a lot! I am nice and toasty inside, and will work out here in a bit!

Have a great day!

peace. love. dove.

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Sandy Ang said...

What a lovely card for a wedding in those fresh, pretty colours. Love the card you popped inside !