Thursday, March 31, 2011

The End to my Husband’s Favorite Holiday


My husband’s favorite holiday coincides with the ENTIRE month of March. It is my least favorite holiday, and it’s not even a real holiday. He looks forward to March every year to celebrate. What does he celebrate??

Mustache March.

My least favorite time of year. My hubby is in the military, and I think for that reason alone, he thinks that a mustache is cool. Not so cool in my book, but I guess he only has it for one month out of the year. So I deal. Just deal.

I don’t know what it is, maybe it is that my husband is 27 years old, and looks like he is 40 something, or maybe that he just looks terrible, like a furry caterpillar Is stuck below his nose, and riding his lip hoping to catch some leftover food. Just gross.

So I thought I would celebrate the END of month, and I can have my clean shaven husband back!! So I made a card for my friend Kari and popped it in the mail. I got these super cute mustache rub-ons, and I knew she would appreciate them – since she knows my husband, and his love, and my hate for them!


I used DCVW Nantucket Stack, and a the only stamp I own that I got in a dollar bin at Joann’s.

This just makes me smile, knowing that the last day of they month is today!

In other good news, my sister in law finds out if she is going to give me a niece or nephew tomorrow. I got my fingers crossed for a little girl, I would love to play dress up!! Either way, as long as the baby is healthy, I am good. But I still want a girl…

Hope your Mustache March ends today too!



Annabelle said...

Ha ha so funny. I can't even picture him with a mustache. But you are right, just gross!

JulieK said...

That is hilarious! Why oh why does he grow a mustache for the month of March! I'm dying to know.

Fran, said...

Love your man card..

Staying Crafty said...

Too funny! That's a fun story, and reason to make a card :)

Sonia said...

Hi Cherie~ I am still laughing after the mustache story. Interestingly enough, my hubby is in the military too & I think I have heard him mention something about everyone growing a stache but it was a while ago. He is deployed now so I would give anything to have him him here mustache & all...he does not normally have one either. I adore your card. He is going to love it. I have enjoyed browsing your pretty blog & viewing your terrific creations. Thanks for sharing.
All the best,

Cathryn said...

So cute!!! Sorry you have to endure a whole month of your hubbies mustache!!! Thank you for your comment on my blog I am now a follower!

Jan said...

I am sitting here laughing my head off! My husband was in the military for 12 years and EVERY time he took leave....the mustache happened! I wasn't going to tell him how ridiculous he looked so I just let him have his fun. My husband looks VERY young and he thought a mustache would help~not! It was thin, sparse, and mulit-colored! I showed him a picture a couple weeks ago of when he had a "stash" and he said "what was I thinking"? LOL Love the card!!