Friday, June 10, 2011

30 {Day} 9 & 10

Oh man, time is catching up. I have 30 minutes to get to the next thing on my agenda!! At least it’s a fun one, and I will share with you what I create!! I am off the door to an event called Corks & Canvas. Which equals out to Wine and Painting, It’s a wine and painting party!! Yeah, all you had to say was Party and I would be there.

Before I head out the door I wanted to share with you my day 9 & 10 pictures.

Day nine: Fresh Fruit


I love Cantaloupe!

Day ten: Animals


This is my puppy. She was perched up on my bed with her feet on the foot board, so I attempted a new angle, and I love it! Now if I only had a steadier hand then her paws might now be slightly blurry. But  not too bad overall.

Alright. Now off to taste some vino! (If its bad, I will put a bottle in my fridge just in case!)

1 comment:

JulieK said...

I am loving all of your photos! The one of your puppy is the best! I'm always a little jealous of people with an artistic eye who can take an ordinary object and turn it into a work of art!
Great job!!