Monday, June 20, 2011

This is my Father’s Day Post

Yes it is! Father’s Day weekend is my favorite weekend of the year. I do believe it is my dad’s favorite weekend too. I remember when I was setting a date for my wedding. I told my dad it was going to be in June. He said as long as its not Father’s Day Weekend. Ok maybe he didn’t say Father’s Day weekend. I am sure he said, Back the the 50’s weekend. Yes, it is that important, a car show trumps weddings. I had my wedding the weekend AFTER because of this car show. We do love our car shows!

So, as I have said before, I was not able to go home this year for Father’s Day weekend. I would have been able too, except that my mom decided to take me to Europe in less than a month (woo hoo!), and could not afford to fly back home twice in less than a month. So, I was not able to go to back to the 50’s. But I am sure my dad’s car (which he finally finished 3 years ago), looked as amazing as always!

dads car


My dad also loves his new four wheeler they got for the cabin. It is an orange color. So for Father’s Day, I made a him a card from my new cartridge, Campin’ Critter (Thank you Julie).


It was perfect! Here is a picture that I found on my mom’s facebook of him with it.


The resemblance is uncanny! Oh my Dad is amazing though. Check out what I wrote about him to Oh My Crafts! I even won their Father’s Day contest!! Click on that link and you can see a couple of pictures of me and my dad too!

Well, I should get going it is GORGEOUS here today! I have spent the day making cards for Operation Write Home that I will be posting on Inking it up Crazy later. So sorry if I have a bunch of posts later… anyways. I hope you are all back in the swing of things today. I am going to go for a walk soon with my friend Sue!



JulieK said...

Such a great post today!! I really did LOL when I saw your card followed by the picture of your dad! So funny!!

Annabelle said...

Don't forget, I had to plan my wedding around back to the 50s too :)

Ayesha said...

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