Sunday, June 19, 2011

Oh what a week it is!

My husband is home! Yeah! But that means, I am spending more time with him than in my crafting space. I have a million projects I am working on too… Oh man. It is going to be one of those weeks. More that I want to do, than what I should do.

I am have been super delayed on my 30 day pictures… well because weather, and things aren’t playing along with what I am able to do. On a brighter note, my friend Sue and I are going to start a blog. We have been in deep discussion on this amazing plan (and if you like a fun afternoon cocktail, you might like it too). I will keep you posted on our plans, but I am getting super excited about it.

Next weekend is my 3rd anniversary. Yes, I am still fairly young, but I am hoping that the hubby will home for this one. He missed the first one, and made home just in time for the second. Keeping my fingers crossed a week from now, but our lives change day by day, and so does that schedule he works from.

Father’s day. My favorite day of the year. Well again, 3rd time, I am not home. Which stinks, and this picture shows it all.

el camino

This is my dad’s car. A 1959 El Camino. It is his baby, well since I left home. He told me it would be done for my high school graduation in 2002… it wasn’t. He said, college graduation in 2006 it would be done… nothing. I said I want it at my wedding in 2008. DONE. One week before I got married (Father’s Day weekend) it was finally done. Thirteen years in progress… Also known as Back to the 50’s. If you are in MN and go, and see this car. Tell my mom and dad that you know me, or that you are scrapbooker. My mom is and I am sure she would love to hear about it. I am going to get her blogging here soon. She just does not understand it all… she will this winter I will teach her.

Well, I should be off to bed, its almost midnight here, and I will show you the card I made my dad for Father’s Day tomorrow.

Have a great night (even though I am sure its day time when you read this).



Pat N. said...

Very cool car. I'm sure your Dad worked hard at restoring it. TFS!--Pat N.

Jan said...

Happy Anniversary :) That is an awesome car~my dad just restored his father's El Camino. I'm pretty sure it was 1966...or somewhere close to that.