Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 7 & 8 for 30 {Day} Photo Fun

Oh I have been slacking. I am taking my pictures, I just have been getting busier and busier, and the weather is getting nicer and nicer. I am spending more time outside on beautiful days than up in my craft room. So, here are my pictures from the past 2 days.

Day seven: High Angle


I went on 4 mile hike yesterday with a friend of mine, and we also geocached along the route. It was gorgeous out. This is one of the mile markers on our way back… it was 2 miles out, 2 miles back.

Day eight: Sunset


I remembered to do the sunset at 8:45 last night. So I hopped in the car, and drove to my favorite sunset viewing empty lot in a neighborhood near by… and the lot I was standing in probably cost a half a million dollars, but its view is AMAZING. Now this is Washington. The islands in the distance are the San Juan Islands,, and the dot in the water is a Washington State Ferry. What a beautiful night!

I also made a card the other day. I made this for my cousin. I got a coupon in the mail for Coach, and I just got a new bag, so I thought I would share it with her. So here is what I made


I purchased a Sew Easy a couple of weeks ago, and have been playing with it. This is the first time I used it on a project. Here is a close up of the sewing.


I think it turned out good for my first try. I think I will try it on patterned paper next. Or as a border. I have five different heads, I will give it a shot in my next projects!

I will post more later. (and I hope to scrap more this afternoon, it just depends on how today pans out. It is only 9am here)


Amy E said...

Hi Cherie!
WOW! You don't see sunsets like that around here very often! What a gorgeous pic!!!!! That's the one complaint I have about the house we live in...there's forest between us and the sunsets. That's okay though, we just have to go somewhere else to watch them!

Thanks for commenting on my project!!! Have I mentioned how badly I want a Cricut E2? Hahaha! I had a lot of fun making it though. It was my last hurrah for a little while since my craft room is going to be torn up for the next few weeks :(

Tracey said...

What a beautiful sunset! Your card is great....I have often thought of buying a sew easy, I love what you have done!