Monday, June 6, 2011

Day Six {30 Day} Photo Fun

Day six has come. Books. So, why not take a picture of my favorite books. So here we go.
Day six: Books
These are my favorite books. I love this series. The first one I read was The Cinderella Rules. It is definitely a Cinderella story, but grown up, like a romance novel. Loved it. So if you like a romance, with a little steam… these books are great. Oh, and they are so girly, right up my alley. Donna Kauffman does a great job, and is one of my favorite authors. 

Now onto other amazing things… do you see the black, white, and green thing in the background of the book picture?? Well that is my new Cricut Cozy!! Want to see the before and after?



Doesn’t it look GREAT!! Big props to Kathy at Kathy’s Cozies, she does amazing work, and my husband agreed with me when I said, “this is totally me!” If you are in the need of a cozy for any of your Cricuts, ipads, kindles, etc., check her out, because I love mine!! Here is a link to the Her Etsy Shop.

Tomorrow morning I will be posting the winner to my blog candy. So if you have not entered visit THIS POST I will close it when I wake up tomorrow (PST). Good Luck, and tomorrow I will have some time to spend with paper! Woo Hoo!

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