Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day One: {30 Day} Photo Fun

Day one: Self Portrait


This is me. raw, unedited. no foundation. only eyeliner on, my item of choice, that I never leave the house with out. Gloomy outside, as usual, but a touch of glitter because I do not go anywhere without it. This is me.


jennifer said...

Great picture, I hate trying to take photos of myself, I have to take about a hundred to get one I like - how many shots did it take you? I really like how the light is reflected in your eyes. x

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Sophia said...

That is a gorgeous self portrait, love it...♥

June Houck said...

You have beautiful eyes, rosebud llips and fabulous angel kisses (freckles). Great pic!

Amanda Dovey said...

I just love your selfie :-)