Saturday, May 7, 2011

Scrapbook Day challenge (Frosted Designs-Girly)

There are so many challenges out there today, and I going to partake in a few of them. The first one I am going to show you what I made is from Frosted Designs. It is the Girly layout. BUT -- you have incorporate something that you would not find in a scrapbook store onto the layout. Can you guess what I used just by seeing the page?
Can you see it?


It is a CD! I have had these CDs for a while and the black ones don't work. So, I thought PERFECT! To me this is girly. Want to know the story? Well, I can't really tell you the REAL story, but lets just say college was a blast, and these are the girls in my sorority that I graduated with. When this picture was originally taken, I wasn't even there! (I was still in Italy). When I got back, I dressed up and got superimposed into the picture.
Its hard to tell but I am the one wearing the pink and green polka dot swimsuit top in the back.
See the CD here, its the backside and used the picture to cover the hole

Just a nickname

I can't believe I graduated COLLEGE 5 years ago, YESTERDAY!
To try out the challenge for yourself or see the other challenges go to Frosted Designs. They have some great prizes up for grabs!


Fern said...

OMGosh, Cherie, superimposing yourself in the photo is soooo awesome... Looks like they were having waaay to much fun!! And using a CD on your layout is an excellent idea.... tfs!!!! Lots of luck in both drawings!!!! Hugs!!!

Trish and Treasure said...

Cute Layout

kissinia said...

Brilliant! Hope you had fun playing along at Frosted Designs!

almond paarman said...

There are so many challenges today, and I share a few of them. I want to tell you, I was the first design from the matte. This is a girl's layout.

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