Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday Already?!?

I had a fabulous weekend, and the weather even held out for us! My hubby and I went with some friends to Snoqualimie Falls, and then to the wineries (our favorite place) on Sunday. Then yesterday, we went to the Mariners/Orioles baseball game, and had a blast! So unfortunately I have no crafts to share with you! I know sad day for me, but I am going to go play in my craft room today, and I promise to share some of the fun things I come up with!

I do want to share something I decided to do this month.

I love to dabble in photography. I love getting a great picture, provoke a thought or feeling through an image, so I am going to play along with Sophia this month and do the 30 Days of Photo Fun! (The official rules are posted on A Feathered Nest)

30 days of photo fun

Each day, I will be posting a new picture that I have taken! I think this will be a fun challenge, and it all starts tomorrow!! If you want to play along with us, visit A Feathered Nest for the details, but let me know, because I would LOVE to see what everyone comes up with!

Here’s to a happy June! (and don’t forget the Grillin’ and Chillin’ Bug Hop continues this weekend, where I will have a fun giveaway!)

Oh, and I changed my comment postings since someone had mentioned they had issues posting comments on some blogs when they are embedded below, so feel free to comment! I will always come follow you if you follow me! Have a great day, and I will meet you back here tomorrow with hopefully not only a picture, but a project too!



JustYolie said...

Looking forward in seeing the pictures you take for the challenge. Stopping by to let you know you won the Twine and Glitter from my blog hop. Please email me your address and I will get out to you.

yoliejustcreate at gmail dot com

Sophia said...

Cool, glad you are joining in...

Amy E said...

Oh my goodness...I saw you write something about Snoqualmie Falls, and realize you live in WA just like me! The Relay you participated in wasn't the South Kitsap one was it?!?!!!?

Amy E.